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  • McLeodGaming is making some kind of announcement at 4:30 tomorrow. Probably won't be a new SSF2 character, but I can hope.
    Are you on the McLeodGaming Forums by chance? I feel that I have seen you before, but if you haven't, I would recommend joining.

    There's also a Skype group I can add you to (with other SSF2 fans as well as developers of the game). Would you be interested in that?
    I'm already on there and I'm a semi-regular poster in the SSF2 section. I WAS Baffle Blend, but I recently changed my username to match here.

    Skype, though, I don't really feel comfortable with. Sorry.
    Brb watching my first Melee tournament. Let's hope the announcers aren't quite as irritating this time.
    Few things are worse than being slowly demoralized away from something you once likes.
    I really hope P:M Unbound works, and I'm hoping even harder that it I can figure out how to customize it without crashing the game.
    If Miis are banned, I will strongly consider defecting back to the Casuals. Everything I heard about the competitive fandom turned out true.
    Waiting for my 3DS controller grip in the mail. I have plenty of games that'll make good use of it already.
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