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    Smash Brothers - The Movie?

    "Warning Received" Wow the salt is real
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    Smash E3 Presentation Recap!

    The only downside is that the Ryu board is going to be flooded with people who never played any other fighting game asking how to do his inputs. But man, I'm hype. This download can't finish soon enough.
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    First Footage of Roy and Ryu Found In Leak!

    Roy. They thought we needed three Marths, and 5 reps from a relatively obscure c-list franchise. I really don't have the energy to be upset anymore, but at least we get ****ING RYU! RYU!
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    Roy and Ryu Sound Files Found

    I hope it's a rumor 1.) Three Marths 2.) A 4th non-Nintendo character in a game primarly about Nintendo crossover seriously
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    Nintendo Financial Report: News For Smash, Amiibos, And More

    Okay, so SMTxFE is officially dead. At least I know now. :urg:
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    Social Mario Hotel - Super Social 4

    I need a bit of help here. For those who don't know, Pac-Man's hydrant can be reflected when he drops it on you. It shoots straight up and hits him pretty hard, enough to maybe kill at mid percents. I've done this twice in For Glory, but never saved the replays. Does anyone know the exact...
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    Can't Teach An Old Dog... A Thread of Tips and Tricks for Duck Hunt

    Okay, I see. I'll have to read up on the more technical aspect of DH's moves. And this was my first matchup with Robin, I found out the hard way that Thoron goes right through it.
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    [OLD] Mario Style Dojo - Video & Critique Thread *Updated 10/11/2015*

    Had this fight yesterday, never fought a good Yoshi until then. I played defensively and tried to put distance between us so I could have some time to figure out what to do, eventually lost. Yoshi in the new game is one scary dino. At the beginning when I did the Dthrow, I anticipated that Yoshi...
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    Official "The Dog Show" - Duck Hunt Video Thread

    First time using Duck Hunt in For Glory, vs. Ness. He was actually a decent player, but I kept putting out Gunmen to predict/block his PK attacks so he eventually goes only A-button attacks (and I don't think he knew the matchup). Just looking for some advice, also critique on my fundamentals...
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    Can't Teach An Old Dog... A Thread of Tips and Tricks for Duck Hunt

    I did this little thing by accident a few days ago. It may be a bit tough to see because of how quick it goes by, but what happens: 1. I face right, put out can 2. Hit it with sweetspot of dash attack to send it flying in other direction 3. Press B a few times before it hits the ground, still...
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    How do I counter Duck Hunt projectile camping?

    He suffers lag after launching the Clay Pigeon (disc), so he can't act for about a second after it comes out except for pressing B. Just jump over it. The Trickshot (can) can be knocked back with Bowser's ftilt. If it's coming at you through the air, just stand still and bait it to come close...
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    Game Theory Tackles the Super Smash Bros Series Hidden Lore

    Linking to shlock like Game Theory? Wow, Smashboards really is dead.
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    Weekly Nintendo Corner - Super Smash Bros. (64)

    It's sad knowing HAL will never develop another Smash Bros. game. What was Nintendo thinking when they took it away from them?
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    Touhou Super Smash Battles On Indiegogo

    Talk about shamelessly advertising your friend's project. 4chan would love this game.
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    Amazing Way to Make People to Stick Around in For Glory

    No. They'll quit because they don't want to sit through a laggy match. I exit out of the lobby if I see a Japanese or Spanish name because I just don't have the time for that.
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