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  • Just beat a bomb spamming projectile shooting link as kirby. I was at 180% and the b**** still wouldnt come and attack me. Gonna quit playing competitive if all it really comes down to is braindead cheesing and, projectile shooting..well i knew projectile spamming is 90% of competitive play. This is so dumb.
    It was a close match too. Vs his bombs that is. This game is...man >_>
    I host ffa arenas all the time i wonder if i bodied anyone from smashboards (probably).
    I feel like a ****in savage right now. Went 11-2 in FFA arena matches with dedede and falcon, i was putting my sons to sleep all night! If smash bros had killstreaks nintendo would have to ban me for harrasment or aggrevated hacking or some ****.
    Heres projectile spamming characters from a fighting game done right: lambda-11 and Nu-13 from blazblue.
    People ***** about pk fire 24/7 but, snakes projectile throwing and projectile planting gets a pass? When the majority of his dmg doesnt even come from him attacking? And this is the ENTIRE MATCH in a nutshell? Man, please.
    **** ultimate. Only play this sword swinging, projectile shooting **** because, its the newest smash. Snake players- youre trash. You cant tell me you arent when you literally ****ing spam the entire game under the guise of "tactical skill play". It takes nothing to throw and drop grenades then attack your opponent. It looks good on screen but the actual player isnt really doing ****.
    Snake players are projectile spamming scrubs. At this point its so much cheap **** in this game that i dont even fault ppl for saying smash isnt a real fighting game. When a character's entire game plan is nothing but throwing grenades, it says alot about how much skill you really need to play a 1-dimensional game. Snake players literally and, i do mean literally, cant do absolutely anything without throwing grenades. The amount of projectile spam these scrubs do all in the name of tryharding is just proof these idiots need the help of three projectiles (and a planted one) to win. If you have the nerve to tell me this game is balanced around 1vs1 more-so than its true 4 player party-mode self then, you need to flip the switch on your brain. Just because fox,falco, etc has a reflector doesnt mean these characters were balanced around snake. What a ****ing joke honestly. You cant tell me a 70 character roster isnt bound to be unbalanced beyond ****ing belief. 70, are you serious.
    SSBU tier list: S(uper)S(word)Tier- Ike, lucina, mii swordfighter, cloud, young link, link, toon link, sword character, sword character, etc etc

    S(hooter) Tier- Samus, snake, dark samus, isabelle, villager, every projectile shooter with multiple projectiles of all colors and creeds and gimmicks

    F(alcon tier)- Everyone else..(who else is even in this game again)
    Lol , back to brawl i go for another smash life-span , lmao. Hope this old ass wii doesnt break for another 10 years lmao.

    Gonna suck without online though lolol
    Ganondorf is so unbelievably cheap. How much dignity do you have to lose to use such a cheap and, brain-dead clone. So much for those ganon mains that earned respect for using such a trash character in particular previous games. Overall i guess ganondorf was always a scum character in some way. 2019 and, still no moveset of his own. "But ganon is so much fun in this game!" why, because he plays like falcon but, is a cheap, brain-dead clone, for easy kills? Duh. Using tanks in GTA deathmatches are fun too. Still SS tier though- ScrubScum.
    Ultimate is unbalanced as ****. Im 100% convinced they didnt playtest these characters.
    If ANYONE wants to play/spar/train/1v1 whatever, add me. Just send the FC idc who u are ill add random FCs. If you use samus , coward ass scrub-god link or use only sword characters dont even bother.
    I have 0 respect for samus/dark samus players. No kind of win will save them from the scary scrubs that they are. Its not fun to chase a shooting b****, ijs. Gonna add these 2 projectile scum to the scrub characters list.
    Most smash players are garbage without projectiles. I noticed this. Cant do jack **** without shooting something to kill. Scrubs.
    If its not swords , then its the irritating waste of data miis that make me cringe the skin off my palms or, the raining projectile army of 60+ characters. Yep, if they ever remaster brawl- bye bye "ultimate" .
    Sword characters really ruin SSBU for me. God f***** damn are they a plague and scrub magnets. Is this a smash bros game or soul f***** calibur? Damn i miss brawl.
    Ive been banned quadruple as much on ssbu online than this site but, banned quadruple as longer on this site than ssbu. Why are rules so damn oppressive.
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