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Hello, everyone. I'm an Ike main who has recently gotten back into Smash and video games after a 2 year pseudo hiatus.

I'm here for friendlies, competition, and friends.

I love all of the Smash titles as well as a variety of games.

Some of my hobbies aside from gaming are running, lifting, doing/learning ecommerce, drawing, traveling, making videos, and more.

Some game series I enjoy: Kirby, Fire Emblem, Yakuza, Metal Gear, Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Tekken, Metroid, F-Zero, Rainbow 6, Devil May Cry, Smash Bros, Monster Hunter, Dark Souls, GTA, Red Dead, Final Fantasy, Tales of, Clover/Platinum Games and more.

I also plan on doing some Youtube stuff. Also check out my chill discord server if you like!
Apr 26, 1993 (Age: 30)
https://discord.gg/ywM48tk <- My Gaming Discord
Western Massachusetts
Smash 64 Main
Melee Main
Brawl Main
Project M Main
Smash 3DS Main
Smash Wii U Main
Smash Ultimate Main






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