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  • A mario got 9th? Nice. ASP? I'll keep that name in mind since i'm gonna be the
    BEST MARIO PLAYER! But, good job. You got 33rd :]
    Are you going to GENESIS? If so, there's a charter bus that can hold up to 50

    -A Rookie-
    its all good, it was a pretty good tourney though.

    My first singles match was against pat (azn lep)

    he ***** me the first match, but i got him down to 1 stock the next, so i was pretty happy with that.

    After that, i got a bye, then i beat this one marth guy, and then i got beat by ASP, a mario player. I didnt too too bad against him, got him down to 2 and 1 stock, but he placed 9th, and i got 33rd haha
    good luck! Yeah i got my friend from school for my teammate, BOK. He is the big black one haha

    I just fixed up my controller, it looks so nice xD cant wait to show it off!
    For reals, it's like, "where the hell is it?" Lol.
    I'm gonna MM a couple of teams w/ my
    partner[BAM] sorry :/ Hopefully we win xD
    Are you gonna enter doubles w/ anyone by chance?

    -A Rookie-
    lol well last time, since it was my first time to the lodge, i played the "wander around ucsd till you find it" game... haha

    i cant wait! this is gonna be a sick tourney :D
    I hope it's in the same place too! Or else I have to play the directions game xD

    -A Rookie-
    6th lodge..hmm i think its the same place as last time, im not 100% sure though. im just going to the same place so hopefully it is xD
    Azn Lep said it's in the 6th lodge, is that the same place? Do you know where
    that is?

    -A Rookie-
    definitely, i forget what you look like too lol. look for the pika... festizzio isnt going anymore so yeah. cant wait!!
    Alright fo sho =]
    Let's get some friendlies in!!!
    Just look for a yellow mario or anyone with the tag, "A R."
    Sorry, I forgot how ya looked :/
    But, we should team and MM people ^_^
    Just can't team for tourny since I have a team mate,
    you down? :]

    -A Rookie-
    Oh, when's the next tri-weekly then? Sounds like lots of fun though :D
    I wanna play festizzio's pika too!

    -A Rookie-
    i wish... its too far from where I am so Ill never be able to get a ride or anything. Im going to the UCSD triweekly though, are you? I cant wait to play festizzio's pika and you again.
    The tourny was very fun. I gained a lot of experience from this. I played Eggzs' fox and Zelgadis Sheik in a friendlies set vs. my mario and I almost won. It was 1-2. I played them separately, not together..lol. But, in my pools, was: GERM, JTB, PsychoMidget, LEMONZ, SuperRadBrian, AR, and Spaz. My record was 3-4 and wasn't good enough to advance to the Bracked =(
    I'll get them at Genesis for sure!!! Are you going?

    -A Rookie-
    1: Cathy's here but we still got this (Lucky & MANGO)
    2: Polar Claw 3 (Taj + Wobbles)
    3: Jew Zhu (Forward + Zhu)
    4: Pink Bird (Pink Shinobi + Falcomist)
    5: Mitchell Tang (Bob Money + Silent Spectre)
    5: Goon Squad (P + Tofu)
    7: lovage rep
    7: Awesome Possum (Knivez + Evil Nemesis)
    9: The Old In-n-Out, Real Savage (HugS + Romeo)
    9: Double Negro (Alan + Shroomed)
    9: justice borg and professor casino (eggz and c!z)
    9: Scar's Johns (Sheridan & Rey)
    13: Ridin' on a Dolphin, Doin' Flips and **** (ROFL + petoo0)
    13: beauty and the beast (connor & kouryuu)
    13: Brandon + Atlus
    13: dah foo smells like strawberries (kira & psychomidget)
    17: toph & macd (toph & macd)
    17: **** is Cheaper than Bullets (Zoap + Hella)
    17: Bullets are More Expensive Than **** (pockyD + sidefx)
    17: two and a half men (festizzio & nasty nate)
    17: My Teammate Sucks (emerican + Jizzanator)
    17: CubaIsDesu -_- (CubaIsDeath + VANS)
    17: Elongated Coccyx
    17: Godfathers (GERM + Zelgadis)
    25: We Still Use Our Brawl Mains Because They Got Buff (Champ + Edrieese)
    25: Shoot Laser Shoot Laser (BAM + A Rookie) ;)
    25: Wobble Wobble (AzN Lep + Fly Amanita)
    25: Save the Cheerleader, Save the World (JTB + San Diego Reaper)
    25: 3 Hours of Sleep (Truegamer + Boba)
    25: SS Dead (James + Charles)
    25: Team Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (Nashun + Mr. X)
    25: Team Yellow (NickC + KRod)
    33: lil fabster n lil alex (alex & fabian)
    33: Jza In My Pants (Nawnscents + Jza)
    33: Cadaverous Moon (Yobi + 8 inches of terror)
    33: Hark The Dozer Boys (Plan 9 + SuperRadBrian)
    33: Team Taj and Forward (Aftermath + Pink Reaper)
    33: Addicts (loz & angel)
    33: Nuggets (Jeses and Eef)
    33: Team 64 (Smoke2Jointz + I Smoke Herbz)
    33: There Once Was a Turnip in the Ground (SENG + JDM)
    33: sexually discomfortable (vish & brady)

    -A Rookie-
    haha ok have fun, I really wanted to go but train tickets were like 300 bucks and i didnt have a ride.
    Ive been extremely busy and havent been able to go anywhere haha, hopefully ill make it to a tourney soon
    Yeah, I'm sticking with my Mario all the way unless I get 4-stocked then i'm gonna pick someone else xP

    But, are you gonna go to Mango Juice? Or naw? Because I wanted to join crews because we're three people short and maybe you can join, if you go that is :p

    -A Rookie-
    lol dont feel bad about using the cape XD its one of mario's most useful tools. Me and festizzio's match at kongo jungle was so weird, we both died twice by accidentally up-b'ing into the barrel and getting shot straight down. I cant wait to play him again though.

    I wish Pat would host another tri-weekly at UCSD, those are great for me cuz im about 15 minutes away. Otherwise I have to drive for like 3 hours if its anywhere else.
    Oh really? Festizzio and Deth? I lost to Danimals[fox] and Ononsense

    I almost had Ononsense too! I remember he killed me at 40% since he had a speacial turnip xD Anyways, I had one stock to his three in the final round when I brought him down to one stock and then I finally lost :p

    And Danimals two stocked me both times, it was so crazy though. He knocked me off the stage then when I was coming back, he tried to shine spike me and I caped him and made it back on stage, it was the one of my highlights I think ;]

    Btw, I rarely use my cape. The only reason I used it on you becuz I could abuse it, sorry ^__^ I need to use it more though.

    -A Rookie-
    Not sure about that tourney, I dont know if Id be able to get a ride over there.

    I lost to Deth and Festizzio. Deth's samus is crazy, he has all the frames down so he was super wavedashing and all this crazy stuff.

    The match with festizzio was epic cause we both main pika, but his is better so i lost XD
    A white controller from Japan? Sweet :] I got a new black controller so I can
    be legit w/o any excuses when I lose next time I go to a tournament. Btw, speaking about tournaments, are you going to MangoJuice? Here's the link if you haven't checked it out yet.


    And lol at the cape, it killed you I think all 4 stocks xD Don't worry, you have a good pikachu. What two players did you lose to anyways?

    -A Rookie-
    I watch Anther mostly, his pika is godly. I got a new controller, one of those white ones from japan. I custom painted it, its pretty sick haha. Good luck getting a new controller. You're mario is sweet, that **** cape!! haha
    Yes we did, your pikachu is legit. Have you watched AK play?
    He's a pretty good pikachu if you were looking for more pikachu's
    to check out. But, I'm sticking with my Mario ^__^ I need a new controller
    though :[ I made so much mistakes because my controller's sort of
    messed up.

    -A Rookie-
    PMOS!! I remember you ^___^
    And yeah sure, if I don't got a team mate
    then I could double with you :]
    Nice playing with you man

    -A Rookie-
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