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Recent content by Placebo Effect

  1. Placebo Effect

    Changing Stage Background?

    I'm curious about this too for stages. I want Battlefield with the All-Star Rest Area as the backdrop.
  2. Placebo Effect

    Official DAT Texture Wizard (current version: 6.1.2)

    Yeah those, but if there's another way to do it already I just don't know yet. Thanks. :)
  3. Placebo Effect

    Official DAT Texture Wizard (current version: 6.1.2)

    Any chance more color slots will be supported to convert textures to?
  4. Placebo Effect

    In Progress Stage Model Imports

    Could someone make the Castle Battlefields Slippi-safe, unless they somehow are already? Possibly by replacing it with the old Battlefield, but ideally changing the stage shape to match Melee's. But I know the 2nd one is a lot more work. Would be cool though, I love the way they look.
  5. Placebo Effect

    Request Hit effect commission and another.

    I've only seen one mod that changes the hit and slash effect textures, but I don't believe it changes the colors. Pretty much what I want is a mod that changes the cartoony hits to bloody splatter red effects (edgy, I know 🙂). And a stage mod that changes the pool in FoD to red too. Willing to...
  6. Placebo Effect

    Request Tingle Cancel and Airdash

    Me and a friend were playing on a modded version of Termina and used Tingle a few times to recover and extend combos, so I thought a code enabling a "portable Tingle", or something similar to interrupt the player out of anything would be a cool addition. Maybe it comes back every, say 5 seconds...
  7. Placebo Effect

    Completed Full Resolution FoD Reflection

    Awesome. Does this cause desyncs?
  8. Placebo Effect

    i Need Ideas For Mods

    I always thought hit effects to replace the cartoony hits with blood splatters would be cool. Or an airdash that you can cancel with an attack, instead of the regular airdodge. Not sure what kind of mod you mean exactly though, those are just things I think would be cool. :)
  9. Placebo Effect

    Data Young Link Hitboxes and Frame Data

    Can someone make gifs of the bomb projectile and explosion? I want to know what its hitboxes are like and the frame data for them. Thanks.
  10. Placebo Effect

    Changing Color Effects in Melee!

    I need help with a mod to change the hit effects to blood. (edgy I know) Also if possible to change the death explosions to something else too like a regular explosion or mushroom cloud. I know how to change the textures, but can't find the offsets or figure out how to do it. If anyone could...
  11. Placebo Effect

    Texture Hacking Effects

    I'm having a really hard time figuring out how to change colors for these effects. I want to replace the hit effects with blood spatters (super edgy), and maybe the kill explosion with a mushroom cloud or something else a bit more brutal looking. I have the files and HxD, but don't really get...
  12. Placebo Effect

    Official Melee Texture Hack Thread

    Could someone make a Rasta Ness, with a lit blunt for his bat possibly? :nessmelee: And a hypebeast outfit for Falco, BAPE jacket and all that? Seems fitting. Not over green would be nice too. :falcomelee:
  13. Placebo Effect

    Official Melee Texture Hack Thread

    Could you do one of these with Ness please?
  14. Placebo Effect

    Request Airdash?

    Weird but nice find. Thanks, man.
  15. Placebo Effect

    Request Airdash?

    This is something that I thought would be really cool in the game for awhile. And I think it would make the game even crazier. Basically, what it would have to do is increase the distance of the airdodge, make it not make the character go intangible, and let attacks cancel into the airdash...
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