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  • Some fun-facts about me:

    1: I could've joined this website since I was 13, but didn't do so until I was 16.5 (sixteen and a half) due to my primary focus on many other different forum websites.
    2: And I'm glad I joined as late as 2017 because back in 2016, I was still an ordinary user who did bad-things because he was unhappy, but have learnt from my mistakes since then.
    3: Despite Melee being the only Smash Game I played before Brawl even existed, Brawl used to be my most nostalgic Smash Game from 2009-2014.
    4: Then eventually in 2019, Smash 4 became my more nostalgic Smash Bros game since I was more hyped with a handful of speculation about what amazing new elements could that formerly-recent Smash game add.
    5: I miss Kusamochi Green Kirby from Smash! :( He has been Player 4 since Modern Kirby Games starting with Return To Dream Land in 2011, but hasn't been playable in Smash Bros since Melee all the way back in 2001-2002.
    6: I do like Green Kirby with Orange Feet though, just way less than his Kusamochi Look, which has Dark-Green Feet instead.
    7: There are literally millions of boys & men who love wearing a necklace most of the time, but I actually ain't one of them! Not that I think it's wrong though, I just think I look much better without one.
    8: Part of me misses Nintendo having either two-screens at once (Wii U counts), or having 2 Platforms/Systems per Generation (a TV-Console and a Handheld/Portable).
    9: Don't ask me why though, I just think that division could do a lot of advantageous things that a Hybrid System (like the Switch) can't do.
    10: I really need to find a modder who can help me figure out some AR Codes & Gecko Codes for both Melee & Brawl that haven't been documented yet, but are still very likely to exist and I would love to experience them.
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