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  • yeah. Just don't tell anyone <_< >_> lol. But yeah I'll still be in charge. The only thread that I'm in charge at the moment that is important would be the Mu thread. Of course I know after January mu numbers will be established so I'll update it.
    yeah. But then again doesn't mean much if I can drive, but I don't have a job. I'll see if I can get one during the winter break from classes.
    lol sounds fun. I'm just getting close to finishing up this semester with just November in the way and then vacation. Also I'm preparing myself to get my driver's license by taking the road test. I still have to schedule it and show my dad that I'm ready to take it. In terms of smash I'm getting slowly better at making better decisions and at powershielding.
    Ah okay. Most of AZ couldn't find the time to go and had to cancel but KiraFlax, Heysuess, Xerox, k9 and myself are all still going. Hopefully we'll be able to chill with NM again sometime.
    Sure, no problem. Last Apex had many setups, so we'll be able to play.
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