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    Kings of the North 3 Results/Shoutouts

    Gr8 m8 I r8 8/8 plz no h8
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    Converting from Pichu to a high tier

    I am a Pichu main, and my other characters i sometimes play (On how easy it was to transition to them) are: 1. Sheik :sheikmelee: 2. Jigglypuff :jigglypuffmelee: 3. Captain Falcon :falconmelee: 4. Mario :mariomelee:/ Doctor Mario :drmariomelee: 5. Pikachu :pikachumelee: 6. Ganondorf...
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    Up throw -> DJC up air

    I use this often. It is a great starter for other followups, such as after your upair you can go in for a fair or wait till he lands to go in for a techchase.
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    Im new to competetive Melee, PLEASE HELP ME!

    Make sure when you wavedash that you are doing it correctly. If you are doing it right, Fox won't make any noise. Wavedash is very, VERY useful for getting back on stage from ledge and going in for upsmashes. Make sure you are l-canceling your aerials as well. Fox is a very hard character to get...
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    [Nov 8, 2014] KINGS OF THE NORTH 3 (Milwaukee)

    That fade quote, lol.
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    Your favorite kill moves?

    Fair, especially when you get all 3 kicks in.
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    Kirby's Stage Counterpicks

    If Metal Cavern was a counterpick, I would do it every time. Projectiles don't bother you as much, your dash attack is god, and you inhale-spit under the stage so you can recover.
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