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  • Attempting to pick up Mega Man as a main, potentially to replace Bowser
    Planning on attending EVO this year! Going to cut into my DotA time to practice C.Falcon tech
    Need to work on my Sheik MU. It's supposed to be easy for spacies but I tend to make it harder for myself
    Congrats Leffen on your new sponsor! Represent TSM with your stellar Fox game
    Going to try and practice Bowser for both ProjectM and Sm4sh. Hopefully my brain will be able to differentiate the moveset differences
    Got bodied at my last tournament. No johns, but I definitely should have practiced more
    Adding Sm4sh to my practice schedule. Bowser seems to be a promising main for singles
    Excited to see more of Armada's Fox this year! Great stuff at Apex
    Wish I was going to Apex, but on the other hand I need a lot of practice judging how I played at Endgame last weekend
    GGS at Endgame yesterday, super fun venue and great to see some great players
    Endgame will be interesting. Possibly putting my Falco aside and running Ganon and pocket Fox.
    Buffing up my Sm4sh and Melee for the MVG tournament at Endgame on Saturday
    Registered for the tournament at End Game in a few weeks, super stoked
    What's all this talk about the PM scene dying? We need to make sure this doesn't happen
    Really mad that I forgot to sign up for Smash the Target, loved watching the stream though! Arizona Smash is so hype
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