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    Playing close up game with Ricther

    So Ik Belmonts have trouble with aggressive character like Fox Joker and Inkling. Stuff I do to get out of the close up disavantage is up b out of shield, down tilt, or roll away. What do you guys do when your in a disadvantage situation
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    Captain L's Kirby Combo Showcase

    Ive seen Komoto battle against Ike. Havent seen Incineroar match ups yet
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    Best way to improve after locals?

    Add peoples facebooks, twitter, discord etc and play with them more if there alot better or slightly better. Depending on the tournament you can also check if people post stuff on youtube after locals and watch how they play and and you can know more just little tips.
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    How to not get edge guarded

    No im not a ridley main im just asking how to not to get gimped
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    How to not get edge guarded

    Last Sunday I went to a tournament and was doing good for two rounds till I went up against a ridley and got demolished by his edge guards is there a way not to get demolished by these nasty fireballs lmao I just want info from any ridley mains or any one lmao
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    Ways to get back on Stage

    Being Kirby Slow in the air what are ways to get back on stage with using UP B because people like IKE can hit that with there sword. I know FAIR is a option but idk and when ur above the stage I feel like ur going to get punish using UP B and DAIR above the opponent. WOOMY
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    Captain L's Kirby Combo Showcase

    Captain L prolly the best kirby in the world so far in my opinion
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    Any Fellow Alaskan Smash Players?

    Im an Alaska Player
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