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  • yep it is ... well u know that it is. and i well try not to =P. okay well see u in a few days then. And don't drown in paper work. well hope u do have a great days and weekend two if it's possible ^^
    your welcome. Good thing she's thier for u, it'll be sad of u to explode. yeah it is though i'm going to take classes at the colege and try to hold out a job.
    that really sucks. well i wish u many luck doing all that paper work.
    i'm good just prepering for the end of sumer and trying to get a lil ahead on my studies.
    okay and thankx. I'll try to be strong and okay thankx agian. well i'm sorry i have to go. todays like crazy for me. Have a nice day missy.
    it's okay and i accept your applogie. And u are bussy so i undersatnd (well i have to go, nice meting u missy, talk to u later, also nice meting u)
    Hey Im a strong woman to...Wait a second o.o.

    Btw, Im finally gonna stand up to my biggest hater =3
    Sorry that reply took so long, connection crapped out, I hope your not late or anything because of me, if so Im sorry
    Hey Misssy when your back..can I talk to you about something important thats sorta been eating at me for 2 weeks..its really bothering me..its ok if you say no, Ill understand

    Its a deep seated personal issue that Ive sorta been holding in for over a year, I got no one to talk to about it either.
    Now anyway...its sorta long..but I'll tell you, you do seem like you wanna know, Ill pm u once Im back from Dinner (probably before ur back =p)
    Its nice to see someone so high spirited, it reminds me of why I loved this site....well before the incidents anyway u_u.
    Haha, Im almost touched youd wait =p.

    Why not a rich girl instead...actually nvm, Ill take the rich girl XD. Anyway pleasent dreams Misssy =D

    PS. No Canadian ever says Eh, we do love hockey and beer though XD
    I thought u went to bed ;D.

    Nah, Im as white as white can be (which describes a German XD), and nope, Im a Canadian.

    ...So you hate your job than o.o?
    I wasnt gonna ask, I think its cool honestly, Im sorta Bi myself (with a girl atm)....though it is my 1st relationship XD, anyway good night Fraulein Misssy

    P.S: You make law work sound only negative
    Haha, thats cool, its sorta "cute" to XD.

    Thats so cool, I wanted to be a lawyer a while back after I played Phoenix Wright...boy was I a naive kid XD. Btw I never introduced myself properly...I think, Im Adam ^^ (lame name I know <_<)
    Ok...man I got so confused, especially when I thought "What parents name their boy Misssy" XD

    Do you do your job everyday? Also do you ever do court work?
    Umm...ok now Im sorta confused, what gender are you Misssy ^^; ?

    They should just lay off you or...I dunno,..HELP you instead of stressing you out =/
    Heh, your name confused me alot ^^;...well arent you only on the clock when you have a case...then again, I imagine that would be incredibly stressful..=/
    Hiya, hope ur enjoying yourself here. Btw i saw your occupation was lawyer, and thought that was so cool =D
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