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    Is it actually possible to beat a ZSS with DDD?

    I have never beaten a ZSS with Dedede in my history of elite smash in this game. I have NO IDEA what to do against this character. She is too fast and easily nullifies the gordo so that is barely ever an option.
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    Q&A Quickplay and Battle Arena

    The only person that suffers from leaving a 1v1 is you. So why the hell do you get punished for it? This isn't street fighter where you screw your opponent out of points.
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    Shantae, the Half Genie Protector of Scuttle Town! (A Switch To A New WayForward)

    I don't buy that for a second. Also when did Hero come out? It wasn't the 28th, correct?
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    Shantae, the Half Genie Protector of Scuttle Town! (A Switch To A New WayForward)

    I have to admit I am surprised she even got a profile icon in Ultimate. I figured they wouldnt even acknowledge her existence. I hope that people using the icon and all the community made shantae maps (and there are A LOT of them lol) are an indicator to nintendo that a lot of people want...
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    Data Preferred Rules Discussion

    I am so ****ing sick of battlefield. I HATE that map with a passion and it's practically the only map I ever get. If they are letting you choose maps you want why not let you choose a few maps you won't get like in a tournament setting? At least in elite 1v1s?
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    Nintendo's hands-off attitude towards competitive, pro or con?

    Absolutely a con. Imbalance in games is one of the biggest issues towards them getting taken seriously as a means of serious competition. The game is never going to be perfectly balanced, especially with such a stupidly huge roster but the best they can do is try. Listen to feedback, look at...
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    Be honest, can all characters succeed at the HIGHEST LEVEL OF PLAY?

    Sure but there are tons of character that you will never see win a major without some serious changes.
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    Buffing Suggestions for Dedede

    Dedede is still awful. He needs some major changes. The fact that they STILL havent fixed his down tilt issue from smash 4 is hilarious and proves just how much they don't care about balancing in this game lol. Also gordo toss is still trash and can be easily reflected by anything in the game...
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    Data The online in Ultimate is lacking in features and isn't very good. Here's why. (A definitive list)

    Uhhh if you don't pick your control setup name and character every single time you want to do background matchmaking it will randomly reset your controls and nothing else. I get that Nintendo is incompetent and that the online in this game is terrible but.. really? They can't even figure THIS...
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    Q&A Quickplay and Battle Arena

    I get that Nintendo is incompetent and that the online in this game is terrible but.. really? They can't even figure THIS out? If I don't manually pick my control setup every single time I want to do this mode it doesnt save it. What makes no sense is that it still has the control setup name...
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    most obnoxious character in the game to play against

    So I get that zelda needed a buff from smash 4 but did they have to make her game breakingly annoying? It's gotten to the point where I contemplate just leaving when I face this joke of a fighter. All every zelda player does is spam projectiles with the knight and fire balls and teleport around...
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    What is With the Roster of this Game?

    I swear at least half of the roster is designed around running away and spamming projectiles. It's such an easy strategy that anyone can do and it's so effective, especially online. I mean did we really need THREE links? Damn, it's so much fun having to chase the other player down while avoiding...
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    Why is online in this game so bad?

    ah of course. So because YOU don't have the issue, we must be making it up right? It's hilarious because even streamers get this. Zero has gotten items and stamina mode several times on stream. You have to be either lying or or just extremely lucky. because most of us do occasionally this ****.
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    Has anyone noticed that they still havent fixed dedede's down tilt?

    The same issue this move had in smash 4 evidently never got fixed. Awesome. So if you are too close to a skinny character that is moving towards you, the down tilt misses them because the hitbox is still placed too far forward. They couldnt even fix an issue from the previous game.