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  • The Pokemon Researcher group was changed to Pokemon Master. I met the qualifications of a Researcher so it was simply a title change.
    roach sent out Amphyloom.
    Amphyloom used Thunder
    It was super effective
    Missingno fainted.

    And he just got ***** :laugh:
    Even though I did not understand half of what you said, I li3k Gengar (and Mudkipz) too.
    Meh, that's not really much

    My dex is filled with almost 200 entries so I'm halfway there.

    Plus I have a Celebi, which is the hardest pokemon to obtain...
    Meh, not much

    Trying to complete my pokedex on HGSS though...

    That and I'm playing Pokemon Pinball which is much more entertaining than it looks XD
    At first I though wtf? Then I remembered that you were gryffindor in teh HPFC... Yeah I am not leader of the ravenclaw house anymore. I resigned because my internet privilages were taken away from me for about 4 months...

    Anyways congrats on gryffindor

    I suppose you haven't been here in a long time huh?
    So MM hows life? Im here in behalf of the HP fan club. When five people join each house (Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, etc.) We will conduct a purge to boot all teh inactives. SO BE ACTIVE **** YOU:mad:! Im just givin the heads up ;)
    Preparing for a tourny Saturday. My first (Its all 3 games).

    Still need to buy a new Brawl...
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