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Dec 27, 2017
Dec 9, 2012
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Monterrey, Mexico

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Smash Cadet, Male, from Monterrey, Mexico

Smash GG #4 & Thunderstruck 2015 Aug 16, 2015

Lykon was last seen:
Dec 27, 2017
    1. Lykon
      Smash GG #4 & Thunderstruck 2015
    2. Lykon
      Coming up next:
    3. Lykon
    4. Lykon
      20XX Training Hack Pack = Awesome
    5. Lykon
      Thunderstruck, I hope to see you next year.
    6. Lykon
      I'm starting to like Lucina <333 I'm pretty sure she will be my main character !
    7. Lykon
      EGC 2014: Melee: Top 9 Project M: Top 5 (it can get better) . . . . . . not bad !
    8. Lykon
      Hope to get a better place at EGC 2014 !
      1. "YOLO"
        We will!!!!!!!!!!!
        Jan 26, 2014
    9. Lykon
      A Melee and PM player who lives in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
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  • About

    Monterrey, Mexico
    Brawl FC:
    Wii Number:
    7481 8952 1962 1733
    Melee Main:
    Captain Falcon
    Project M Main:
    Captain Falcon
    64: :fox64: :falcon64: :mario64: Melee: :falconmelee::marthmelee::foxmelee: Brawl::marth:PM: :falcon::marth::drmario::fox::mewtwopm:
    SM4SH: :4lucina::4marth::rosalina::4falcon::4zss:

    I've been to roughly 23 tournaments around Mexico:
    - 8 on Cancun, Quintana Roo
    - 2 on Merida, Yucatan
    - 13 on Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

    I'm currently the best Melee player in Cancun, but luckily I find myself studying in Monterrey, the best place in Mexico for Smash.

    If you're ever traveling to Cancun, or to the South Mexico Area and want to play Smash, please check this Facebook group (confirmation is needed):

    Casual Age:

    I have played Smash since the 64 came out. I was still a child, and used :mario64:against my 2 brothers (both are older than me). They would beat me most of the times, I didn't play too much competitively. My brother used [​IMG] and I can't remember which character used my other brother. I didn't play any other people besides my 2 brothers and a friend or two from my school class.

    After Melee came out, I started using :foxmelee: and :falcomelee: a little more consciously. My bro still used [​IMG], and my other bro used [​IMG]. I remember how mad they got at me when I beat them with a :falcomelee:'s down air. I was starting to slowly keep getting better, I sometimes defeated my brothers and some of my friends. But never went to a tournament, no one had invited me and I didn't know where could be one. Never really practiced the advanced techniques for improving my game style, I only knew about wavedashing and L-Canceling because of some [​IMG] Home-Run Contest videos I tried out.

    When Brawl came out. I was excited because it had passed a lot of time since a new Smash game came out. The first character I tried was [​IMG], I realized the game was more kinda floaty and the speed was reduced, but I was ok with it, because I never played Melee competitively nor tried the advanced techniques, I also tried [​IMG], and improved with him. My bro STILL used [​IMG] and my other bro started using [​IMG]. Although he almost never played smash anymore because of the university and the traveling.

    Competitive Age:

    But never I played competitively until 2010 when I found a tournament poster in my school, I went to it, and won my first tournament "The Serious Smash Fest" (brawl) there I met the top brawl players at that time: Seiya [​IMG] and BamBam [​IMG], both encouraged me to keep practicing. After a month or 2, some brawl players from Merida traveled there for a tournament, I assisted and ended in like 8th I think. Also found the ExpoComics on Cancun, where very simple brawl tournaments were held, I went to a couple of tournaments around the city and improved.
    One of them was at Plaza Outlet, I finised at 2 place and received $150 pesos and a ticket pass that I sold to someone.
    One day I found a video game place and I saw a couple of guys playing Melee, at that time I remembered saying, "Wow they play pretty fast". I was good at brawl, but when I played Melee with them I got wrecked, but loved the way how Melee looked: so fast and technical, in other words I rediscovered Melee. Back in the days I played :foxmelee: and :falcomelee:, but I found :falconmelee:so amazing because of his mobility, aerials, speed and combo potential. The very first :falconmelee: combo video I watched was Darkrain's Mindreader combo video:
    The speed and combos blew my mind, and since that day I totally mained :falconmelee:. I gradually learned all the advanced techniques, learned about the top players, started watching melee videos, and got more involved in the South Mexico's competitive scene.

    A single-elimination brawl tournament was held in La Gran Plaza Cancun: GoGamers! It was organized by a guy who thinked he knowed about smash, but he didn't. (Saturday & Sunday) The first day I played the first match against Leo [​IMG], the best at brawl player in Cancun since Seiya's retirement, and lost to him. The next day I tried again and got to 2 place, just under Leo [​IMG].

    I had spent some time, investigating the game, learned the falcon match ups, official tournament rule set, some 1 player glitches used for training. I learned how to hack my Wii and adding textures to a ISO image, learned about some Brawl Mods and discovered Project M, but didn't care too much of it. Maybe because of its early developing, and got a capture video device. I instantly started to upload Melee matches on youtube, here's my YouTube channel:

    So we had our own crew in Cancun, we were 6 (Erik and Aldrin are retired by now)
    Me :falconmelee:, Axel :foxmelee::falcomelee:, Moises :foxmelee:, Efgy :falcomelee::foxmelee:, Erik :peachmelee: and Aldrin :jigglypuffmelee:.
    The South Mexico community (Cancun, Merida, Campeche, Cd. del Carmen) organized a smash fest every year called "South Fest". It was our chance to travel to Merida and participate. It would be the first time I had to travel to compete. The experience was fantastic! I met a lot of nice people there, all with pretty good level, most of them above me. South Fest 5 was one of the best tournaments I've ever had, we had Cancun vs Merida crew battles, Cancun vs Campeche, Friendlies, Singles and Doubles.
    I remembered getting way too hype for the crews xD. In the end I learned a lot, met new people and had a lot of fun playing a competitive game we all love. This would have never happened if I had sticked to brawl. Shoutouts to Boba, Esponja, Perico, Dr. Pichu, Kevel, Wox (the best of South Mexico), Rojo, and the entire South Mexico community!
    I don´t remember which day exactly but, my bro David introduced me to one of his old classmates: Emiliano :marthmelee:, he has a bro: Victor :samusmelee: it was good to meet new smashers.

    Some days after I finished my first combo video :laugh:

    Just a few days before I traveled to Monterrey, I were one more time to Merida's South Fest 6 and I was the only one from Cancun who assistedt. It was pretty cool I met Wox's bro: Rojo and entered with him in the doubles tournament, we won!! Random teams were formed for the crew battles, and Singles was also a thing.
    Good Memories :):rotfl::grin:

    University was close for me, so I had to say goodbye to the South and travel all the country to Monterrey. I already knew all the top players of the country were there. I was excited to improve my skills. I just got there, and the community was moving around, making tournaments because of some guys who were also there temporarily. Again I got wrecked, but kept improving since then. The first time I met almost every top player at Monterrey, was at Yu's place (he lives close to me, so it's much easier for me going there), there were like 12 people including Javi, Tuga, Aza, Tutty, Rael, Valdo, etc.
    I went to 2 tournamnents there, one in Javi's place (July 27, 2013) and I got 17th
    and other in Turko's place (July 24, 2013) and got 13th.
    At ITESM I met Carlos:falcomelee:, a nice guy and his bro Oliver:marthmelee:. I started making new friends:bee:.
    Months later when the semester was almost over, a fighting tournament was announed on my University: EGC 2013 (Nov 30, 2013) was the name. No one else had offered to manage the Melee tournament, so I did. The first time I organized a tournament, omg I finished with sore throat :urg: and know I could have done better at the matches, because didn't played too much, but it was a nice experience. :p I placed 13th. Grand Finals were just 2 matches because of the time we had on the place. I met a guy from Saltillo :falconmelee: Ivan "YOLO", we are both :falconmelee: mains so it's pretty cool.

    On December I returned to Cancun for vacations, it was a relief for me after an entire semester in a whole new place living with new people. Axel and Efgy were anxious about playing me again, because of the whole new level I have got in Monterrey in about half a year. The first day I beat Efgy and Aldrin (he only played me 2 or 3 matches) the other days I beat Efgy more consistently with :falconmelee::marthmelee::foxmelee:, I even 4stocked Axel:foxmelee: (for the first time ever) in a little crew battle we had, 4stocked Erik:peachmelee: and 4stocked Emi :marthmelee: 2 times. Here's the last set between me and Efgy before I left Cancun.

    March 15, 2014. EGC 2014: Melee and Project M tournament. I was too hyped, I had trained for it, and managed to skip the responsibility of making the Melee braquet. I played pretty well !
    Melee: Top 9. I played 2 times on stream vs. Minibeto and Tuga
    Project M: (it didn't end) Top 5. I beat almost everyone on loosers side.
    There I met YOLO's friends from Saltillo :grin:

    On April 24, my career ITC community celebrated his 45° Anniversary, and a friend of mine invited me to organize a Brawl tournament, so I prepared my capture card and, organized the facebook event, and invited people. There I had my best-quality videos at the moment, so I finished in 4 place. LAG beat twice in winners and in losers with :fox:.
    On May 25, 2014 a guy whose nickname is Jinx organized a tournament in his local at Plaza Garibaldi, Black Cat Videogames #1, the games would include Melee and PM singles.
    I offered myself to record the matches and 16 people entered both events. I finished 9° at Project M, a guy named Aldo beated me up with :diddy:. In Melee I got 5°, Valdo took me out with his :foxmelee:.
    On June 6°, the "Casino" guys organized a tournament in Rael's house, partly becuase they weren't satisfied with the Jinx's tournament pot distribution. The name was "God's Tournament" lame *cough*cough. I only entered Melee singles, PM did not happen. Unfortunately for me, someone didn't saved the Tio file so I would never know where I placed, all I know is that first I was beated by :peachmelee:Pit, next I beat :jigglypuffmelee:MZXZ, beat :sheikmelee:Chalo and finally got beated by Chivo:foxmelee:.

    Currently I am practicing with the 20XX HackPack which is pretty good for training, it helps me practice tech chasing, follow ups against :foxmelee::falcomelee::sheikmelee::marthmelee: and shield dropping.
    It is worth saying that this is the best year in Smash history, a LOT of things had happened since Apex2014:falcomelee:, the documentary, SSBU:4lucina::4palutena::4falcon:, E3 Invitational:4zss:, MLG:foxmelee:, CEO:peachmelee:, EVO:foxmelee: and a lot more to come.

    On Saturday August 12, 2014 I saw a facebook event of a tournament which was going to be held somewhere in a town close to Monterrey, Yasu and I went. The only player who attended who could beat me was Javi. I beat a guy, next Javi sent me to losers, fought Yasu:foxmelee:, another :foxmelee:, a good:peachmelee:, then Turko:peachmelee: on losers finals and finally got to GF against Javi :falcomelee: :sheikmelee: :linkmelee:
    I ended up in 2 place but won a 8GB USB drive :chuckle::chuckle::chuckle:

    One week before I got back to school. Black Cat Videogames #2 started. I got 4° at Melee, Mako:pikachumelee: and Aza :falconmelee: beated me. In PM I also got 4°, Borra:diddy: and Jinx:ike: beated me.

    The 3° semester of my career started. Some guys who I had already seen at past
    tournaments (EGC) just entered Tec and a lot more 1° semester players. All this guys reunited to play Melee/PM at Library 4° floor. So a lot of guys came across so I decided to start a facebook group with Vavi:sheikmelee:. Eventually more people were added and we first started a singles Melee tournament: No Johns #1. It took 2 weeks to accomplish. Here are the videos. I won lol.

    Holy Smash which was Esquivel's:foxmelee: tournament, was a great tournament. It had a good venue, many set ups and many participants. In Melee I got 7°. Beated by Maxx:foxmelee: and Chivo:foxmelee:. In PM I got 5°, beated by Maxx:mario2: and K-NO:luigi2:-.-'

    On Sept 21, 2014. Isril:foxmelee: was holding his 7° itineration of his weekly Michi Big House. Finally I could go there, since it was too far from my house. I won lol. I felt super good that day. Since everything was recorded and I received many good comments. I even did a 4stock on FD in Winners Finals.

    At October 11, 2014 in Tec, we organized a Melee Doubles tourney No Johns #2. Me and Charly won, without losing a single match.

    Thunderstruck 2014. October 18-19 was super organized tournament, which was held in the iStay Hotel. Only 28 participants entered and that dissapointed me since it was a "National" and the venue fee was $200.00. I only paid to enter the place and to play friendlies and to record matches. Luckily for me a guy who had already paid did not come. He left me his place, but my pool was too difficult. Tutty:marthmelee: and Jordy:falcomelee: (Both ended in Top 8) beated me.:ohwell:

    On November 1, 2014 there was a Melee/Brawl tournament in a university (UDEM)
    I won Melee against Hiram Padilla:falcomelee: and got 2 at brawl only lost against a :diddy:
    I received $300, so I guess it was fine.

    1. :foxmelee: SF | Valdo 388ptos
    2. :sheikmelee: SF | Aza 350ptos
    3. :foxmelee: SF | Javi 311ptos
    4. :marthmelee: .JPG 258ptos
    5. :sheikmelee: Joey 172ptos
    6. :ganondorfmelee: Dream 135ptos
    7. :falconmelee: Lykon 129ptos
    8. :peachmelee: Kroz 114ptos
    9. :foxmelee: VD | Isril 111ptos
    9. :marthmelee: LAG 111ptos
    10. :linkmelee: Link 99ptos
    11. :luigimelee: ChinoMx 85ptos
    12. :falcomelee: Nox 81ptos
    13. :foxmelee: Yasu 75ptos
    14. :foxmelee: Rael 74ptos
    15. :jigglypuffmelee: Enga 70ptos
    16. :falcomelee: Lombardi 67ptos
    17. :foxmelee: Goku 64ptos


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