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  • I did. =(
    It didn't work.

    Is there a video on YouTube that shows me where to put it? Because, I think I'm putting it in the wrong place even though I put it in my melee folder which is in my private.
    Oh, so I am doing it right.

    Once I've put them in there, how do I get to it on brawl? Will it be in the Melee stages?
    No... it didn't work. :(

    I think I'm putting them in the wrong Private folder, one is for Brawl-, one is for texture hacks, and the last one is the actual wii storage for custom stages, replays and all that.
    Yes I do. I have the Homebrew Channel, Gecko OS and all that stuff downloaded, oh is there a code that goes with the stages?

    Yeah, you can only have 1 stage for FD at a time.
    Yes, I am. And I don't know what a SD Loader is. :/
    Also, I didn't have the last two folders, so I just created them.

    Yeah, I see some of them named STGFINAL, do they go into the Melee folder too?
    Hey I have a stage hacking question.

    All the stages that I download are PAC files, what do I do with them?
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