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  • lol i'll play that with you, we should hang out next week or something kk

    i'll get a couple of my friends who want to play brawl to come over.
    if you want you can also learn some melee lol, we have some really good people and a lot of them are willing to help like me :)
    brawl plus is brawl with more hit stun, melee airdodge, no tripping, and combos!

    Date: Saturday, April 18, 2009
    Time: 3:00pm - 8:00pm
    Location: Hendrix College, Mills Center, Mills A Lecture Room
    Street: 1600 Washington Ave.
    City/Town: Conway, AR
    This will be a single and a double tournament.

    this is when the brawl tournament is and tri-weekly i do believe in April 11th.
    lol i might try that one of these days for giggles.

    you should come to next tri-weekly with us in MS its a load of fun and some people will play brawl with you but mostly its a melee tournament.

    we play ddr/melty blood/ and l4d also at these.
    lol haven't played it yet cus i refuse to use d-pad and controllers, arcade sticks for me.

    yeah have you tried brawl plus yet?
    i'll play some with you but may not be all that great, conway has a tournament next month i'll keep you posted on that cus u can just ride with me and chamber to it
    umm well might start them back up they did some remodeling so they are working on moving some stuff around might start them up again but make them monthly tournaments.
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