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lax guy5
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  • Yooo, I don't take meds or anything, but ADHD can help you out do things that you normally wouldn't do... I've never taken the meds for extended periods (2 weeks max, never got above 25mg cuz I stopped taking it and decided to not follow up), but I find myself thanking ADHD for my "sixth sense" of knowing what to do at a given situation that others might not be able to think about at the speed I do... Dunno what's it called, but most ADHD people have that "sense"...

    Anyways, i don't think it hinders your gaming... Unless you count brain fog, then OH GOD YES. I hate that **** thing! Be thankful you don't get silent migraines along with ADHD... :(
    Just because you haven't had side effects doesn't mean you never will. It also does not mean that the chance does not exist.
    Sweet! I'm pretty much always Defence but you're right, it is nice to see another lax player. One person asked me what my name meant and I told him and he asked if lacrosse was a French sport for women...lol.
    YES! Defence/Defensive middie... i still play offensive middie though...it's good to see another lax player!

    and the fact that all of us in smash arent loosers lol
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