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  • Dam Ed, i hope everything is still ok with you. I know you cancelled SNY2 and that you were removing all the TV's etc. Just hope that everything has gotten better

    (the other) Ed
    what help do you need? i dont live in newcastle anymore. I live in birmingham which is 4 hours away :s
    Hey kone,
    Do you remember me ?^^
    I'm one of the old French smash player ...
    I was reminding that you come from Newcastles, and I'm gonna have an internship over there, could you help me a little ?
    thats fine man but who is we? would like to know who is potentially heading over ;) better yet talk to me in the west midlands thread and also pm me your mob to arrange things
    hey man do you mind some of us coming to yours this friday for Melee and possibly brawl? its gonna be my first time ever playing melee :s
    You will have access to the lounge and bedrooms so if you turn up early its a okay :)
    aight cheers, ill have to see how it pans out but if we do end up arriving early we'll gladly help get things set up
    Marni - it opens at 9am on tuesday. However, I have quite alot to do in setting up the venue before everyone arrives (most will do from 12 onwards).

    If you could aim for 11 onwards that would be appreciated. First two hours I need to move furniture around, set up tvs and sort the kitchen out. There wouldnt be anything for you guys to do much between 9-11.
    Hey Kone,
    i was lookin at the SNY thread and couldnt find any info on venue opening times. me and the rest of LC are hoping to get dropped off and need to know what time the venue is accessable on the tuesday. cheers m8
    dude but into google maps walking distance from your coach station (it should find the coach station easy) to birmingham new street station. Then get on a train from there to Longbridge. Itll cost £2.80 and take like 30 mins. Thats your best bet.

    From longbridge you either have to walk 30 mins (but in longbridge station in google maps to the venue address located on sny website) or get a taxi (be like £1 each) or ring me an dif im available ill just drive down and get u as the venue is only a 6 min drive from station.
    ermmm 1pm i believe due you know what bus and the bus to where cos im pretty useless at finding this **** out ^_^
    I already know that you can get a bus to a stop 15 mins from the venue. Be a case of walking from there or ringing me and hoping im free to pick u guys up. When do u get in? (time).

    Either way u can get there so divn't worry.
    jjl : dont worry read sny update tomorrow as im posting all this sortve info for everyone.
    Kone i need a little bit of help, we booked coach tickets which arrive at 'The Priory Queensway Stop PC' and im having trouble trying to find a way to the actual venue. Is there any way you can help cos all tikets from megabus are non-refundable and i dont wanna have to tell my crew btw we have to pay £6 to not get on buses then pay £14 to take a train lol
    Hey, just thought i'd let you know that i am low-seeded and so have xp in running pools. i would be more than happy to help out as staff for the upcomming event
    Could you please delete some of your private messages?
    Your storage is full and I have an important message for you :)
    Hey Kone

    I really wasn't trying to cannabalise your tournament at all :( I did say I was trying to avoid other tournaments. But yeah it would cool if you could let me know when your tourney is. I just kinda assume everyone has the money for travelling and stuff cos I do, don't really think that it costs a lot and people can't afford to do it constantly.

    Also it would good to play you at the next event. We didn't get any games and I was looking forward to playing some good peaches.
    Good afternoon

    J03 tells me your the man to speak to about tournaments in the uk? do you know of any?

    Also would youl ike to brawl with me? what's your code?
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