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Recent content by Komota

  1. Komota

    Forever Hopeful (Patch 1.1.5 notes)

    I was playin some friendlies earlier and noticed that when you eat a character (pressing down after inhale) it does 11 damage instead of 10. Kirby confirmed top tier!
  2. Komota

    Kirby's Toy Box - Kirby Moveset/AT/Competitive Discussion

    Yeah, it's pretty tough. Cloud can kill us very early on, and his up air/down air stuff our aerial approaches incredibly well; Uair in particular is incredibly annoying to deal with given our crappy air/fall speed... If the Cloud is good enough I daresay we'd never hit the ground. I'm sure...
  3. Komota

    Kirby's Toy Box - Kirby Moveset/AT/Competitive Discussion

    So, are there any characters or percents where Dair landing hit -> Dsmash is true? It seems to work on ness/lucas without fail, but on basically everyone else they can either shield or jump, depending on fallspeed/weight. But at higher percents, would Dair -> Dsmash work, I wonder?
  4. Komota

    Kirby's Toy Box - Kirby Moveset/AT/Competitive Discussion

    That being said, I find that in certain situations using up B can be a relatively viable option. The sudden range increase can surprise some people (not the shockwave, but the cutter itself) and catch them off guard, because they were probably expecting a stubby kirby foot. It is risky, sure...
  5. Komota

    Q&A Kirby's Pondering Curse - Kirby Q&A/FAQ/Directory [CHECK HERE BEFORE MAKING A NEW THREAD]

    A situation where Ftilt would be more useful than Dtilt would be if you're near the edge of the stage trying to get them offstage and with the 50 frames of ledge denial. If they trip when you use Dtilt I'm pretty sure the 50 frames don't come into effect, whereas Ftilt has low enough knockback...
  6. Komota

    Kirby's Toy Box - Kirby Moveset/AT/Competitive Discussion

    While it does have comparable startup frames, the hitbox is definitely smaller, so if you do plan to use it you have to try and land as close to them as you can, but make sure you're also on the proper side to send them in the direction you want. It's sort've needlessly technical in that regard...
  7. Komota

    Kirby's Toy Box - Kirby Moveset/AT/Competitive Discussion

    Any thoughts on the usefulness of Dair's landing hit -> Stone (as soon as you land a Dair that connects, use stone?) I tested it out for a bit in training and it seems viable when the opponent is at higher percents (like if they're near the ledge and you hit them with the stone, it sends them at...
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