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King Funk
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  • How was my Marth, Lucario and Pika Pika?
    Btw I can have matches now if you want!
    Don't worry about the lame errors, it's one of the curses of wifi. You don't know how many times I've lost because of the lag ****** the Falco phantasm :(
    Good gaaames. Sorry I left, I had to go to sleep, it was midnight.
    LMAO @ Captain Falcon ditto, so full of sexiness and win.
    Cool, see you in a bit, I probably won't be back on Smashboards though xD.
    Ok, but I don't play Falco on wifi really, he sucks on wifi, so don't get any ideas!
    Lol I use that too. But I get most of my opponents from the online tournament listings. =D
    Wifi is down at the moment though. We should play in the afternoon to avoid the young American children playing with their Christmas presents.
    (Btw, you said you were French right? I can speak French ok, ask Blad01)
    I did. It's pretty good. I only use it for fox and falco. I am used to both ways.
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