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  • Planning the next big regional in Michigan, 2 weeks before BH6 will be The Proving Ground!
    Hello. I'm planning on most likely attending your tournament but I've never been to a tournament before. Would there be people to help and show me how tournaments work there and if I'm waiting for my turn in the bracket, are there places where I can play friendlies and such?
    I Sent you a message, lets talk on there ^_^
    "Oh, Did I Win? 2!" Smashboards page is nearly complete, just need a mod to approve it! Now Featuring Ryuga!
    ODIW? Smash went so well! We had so many entrants (63) for my first tournament and on stream we averaged 30ish people watching whole time!
    FINALLY, 10th post! Now to finally create my tournament page "Oh, Did I Win? Smash!" tournament
    1 more post after this.... Then I can post me tournament, ODIW? Smash! tournament
    Big House 5 is coming up, I can't wait to see my out of state friends. My only wish is it wasn't on Friday when I worked. Ah well.
    Man, I am labbing hard with ZSS to learn a technique Nairo used on a sheik. Uair, to dsmash to dB , killing at 40ish%. SO sick!
    Don't mind me, posting 10 posts in order to make my tournament page. Talk about getting bodied by smashboards over a rule!
    Big House 5 Hype. Once they release the schedule, I am totally registering!
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