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  • Hey, Thanks for the link changes vid. We need more stuff like this.. Glad someone has the time and drive to actually do it.

    You missed a few of changes though:

    Frame speed:
    Link Utilt is now at 1.1x speed

    Link Up+B Semi spike angle changed from 269 to 16 for 2nd and 3rd hitbox and 4th hitbox
    Link Fair hitbox 1 (5 growth, 40 base from 5 base and 100 growth, 6 damage from 9)
    Link Bair (hb1 and 2: 35 base, 0 growth, 72 degree angle from 0 base and 100 growth)
    -Link Bair hitbox 3 (60 growth & 50 base from 70 and 70)
    -Link Uair (Strong hit) (25 base from 18)
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