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  • Sorry bud, but according to Akinator Theory, Heihachi has no chance against Lloyd Irving. Even Ashley has a better chance than Heihachi.
    Sure you always try to twist the reality in your favor despite your constant lies and in one of the comments I linked, you clearly dismissed all Tekken characters ( "which to me sounds like Heihachi or any Tekken (and perhaps Soul Calibur, though it is a bit of a simpler game) is just too different in fundamental design to transition it over" ), you never even mentioned Jin or Kazuya anywhere. And because you always win you surely also got Geno and Lloyd in the game, didn't you? But the actual events in the real world outside of your head turned out to be very different.

    Face it, no matter how hard you try to push for me being wrong about being off for the character choice but not the series itself, it still makes you infinitely more wrong because you didn't even get something from the series or games you pushed for (something comparable would be Yuri as a Tales rep or Mallow as a SMRPG rep). Let's look at it at face value: I got most of the songs from my Tekken wishlist, the Mishima Dojo stage I also predicted, a honorable appearance of Heihachi, a bunch of Tekken spirits I also correctly predicted in the Heihachi support thread, and a character who is another of my favoeites from the series, who also has back-tilt inputs, simplified Shoryuke inputs with different button outcomes for the EWGF/Hellsweep/OTGF that I all correctly predicted.
    Meanwhile you couldn't even manage to get the Beware of the Forest Mushrooms songs that has been teased two times. Think again who really is the winner of the stupid feud you started two years ago.
    You couldn't even get the obvious point right that the Chocobo hat was also always going to be returned.
    An no, Lloyd never had a better chance than Heihachi lmao. Nintendo requested a Tekken character and Heihachi was among that possible pool of characters, while Nintendo never requested a Tales character meaning Lloyd never even was on their radar. He never had any realistic chance and it is easy to see why. His series isn't exactly mainstream in the west, and even within that series Yuri outranks Lloyd constantly in popularity contests, Lloyd and his game are also heavily outdated by modern standards.

    Yeah that's how I am. Not some hot-headed fool but someone who can keep his cool and laugh at you in the face at the perfect moment, even if I have to wait 18 months for it.
    You tried to ridicule Tekken supporters one year ago after the Heihachi costume returned, so this is some really nice karma and payback.
    And honestly with how many other conspiracy theories you made (which btw made you one of the biggest laughing stocks of the Smash community), this supposed "joke" isn't any different from the theories you tried to sell as legitimate speculation.

    Also I couldn't care less what some randos in a bubble on the internet think, the Kazuya trailer on Youtube still has a good like-ratio and got nothing on a really negative reveal like Byleth. And even if hypothetically reactions were on Byleth's level, I still wouldn't care or give a damn about it. Do you know why? Because I got what I wanted and already won, and all the others who are salty are only so because they blame other characters for their most wanted choices not making it in and stealing slots. Which is a stupid mindset in itself.

    I'm also curious who the reveal on the 5th will be and I am sure it won't be one of the two characters you championed for (or even a related character from the same series or game) lmao
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    So firstly, there is no feud. You are taking this way too personally, which I knew you would because of how you relentlessly talked about Heihachi in the Geno thread and were always trying to say how more likely he is than Geno. I'm mostly happy with all the character inclusions, even without the one I want, so the only one here thinking this has ever been a competition is you.

    Secondly, the comments you are quoting are from the end of 2020, not long before the thread got locked due to the ridiculous toxic response from some of those less-than-tolerant within the Geno community in addition to the mods deciding the Mii Costume deconfirmed him when it simply does not (something I also believed at the time, something I regret being wrong about). Since then, my stance had changed from 'Tekken is not what you make it out to be and Lloyd is the clear choice here.' to 'Well, I think Lloyd is the choice here, but Tekken could get a character...but it's either Kazuya or Jin, not Heihachi.' This is a stance I have had since early 2021. You wouldn't KNOW about that because all that kinda of discussion happens on Discord and not on this horrid website...and also because I talk about mostly just Geno in the Geno thread, unlike someone else. Much of the intelligent discussion I've had has been on Discord, and I've shared some of it here now and again, but much of it I haven't because of the toxic community here who are very single-minded. You can choose to believe whatever you want about this.

    My biggest mistake about Kazuya was that I KNEW that Sakurai tried to get Heihachi in Smash 4, and yet didn't process that it meant he picked Tekken over Tales Of once before already. When you factor that in with how many second-chance characters we have had in FP2, it made so much more sense to think Kazuya or Jin would be in over Lloyd or Yuri, but I missed something very obvious. It happens, I was wrong, but hindsight is 2020.

    There really isn't a point to say much more about this: we can both claim all day that we said this and predicted that, but it really doesn't matter in the end. You can claim Tekken was more relevant or that Yuri is more popular than Lloyd, I can claim that Tales Of sales keep rising and that Lloyd or Symphonia stuff keeps showing up all the time (with Symphonia music being available for Tales Of Arise). You can continue to think I'm someone who actively hated the Tekken community despite being someone who loves fighting games and thinks high level Tekken play is some of the best stuff to watch, and I can call you one of the most petty people I've ever had the displeasure of chatting with. We can both point fingers and call each other delusional, prattle on back and forth and just devolve into slander.

    Or, we can just both enjoy that Kazuya's in Smash and hope that the last character is something to be excited about.

    I know which one I'm going to do. I have no plans to respond past this. If it gives you some sort of closure or pleasure that you defeated and conquered this illusion of me that you have, by all means. Whatever keeps you afloat in life.

    I hope Kazuya is everything you hoped he would be and that you can find higher points in life that this moment.
    Funny you are calling me petty when you were the one who uploaded a video reaction devoted about me because you apparently were that obsessed with me that your first thought when you saw that costume was me lol ( https://youtu.be/eHT4P9xIDu4 ). Even the thumbnail shows your psychotic nature as it claims I was killed by Lloyd with a hatchet because surely a Heihachi costume meant that Lloyd was 101% confirmed to be in the game (and man was Lloyd's character reveal trailer a breath-taking moment). Not defeated, not beaten, but killed, an extreme choice of words for someone who claims to be person that isn't petty, but I already was aware that self-awareness wasn't a strength of yours. Again this video was also another perfect example of celebrating too early before actually waiting for the fact, which tends to backfire rather regularly. Also the hash tag in the video #NoTekkenInSmash means you were celebrating that the series would not be a part of Smash contrary to your retro-actively changed stance as a lover of fighting games and also again refutes your claim you saw Kazuya and Jin as still viable options. But apparently that conveniently happened behind closed doors, but you know what, as I am not a petty person, I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt here even if I absolutely would have no reason to do so after all of the unwarranted hostility you have shown towards me.

    And do you think you came to my mind during Geno's costume reveal trailer? No. My thoughts were "Oh too bad, they didn't include ears or a proper headpiece" because it actually was in my interest to have a costume as good looking as possible for him, as I also wanted for Tails and Knuckles too who got it even worse than Geno and easily could have also had a deluxe styled full headpiece.

    Anyway back to the other claim. I never came into the thread out of nowhere to claim Heihachi was more likely than Geno. The first time I entered the topic was because I was notified that Fatmanonice (who I have made peace with since then) used one of my theories posted on Gamefaqs and switched the result for a Namco rep from Heihachi to Lloyd. I came into the thread to correct that stance because of the greater importance Tekken has over Tales, and outside of Heihachi's many crossover appearances in other games, all other arguments regarding the importance of Tekken were holding true for other characters like Kazuya as well, and yet part of this community for no good reason wanted to ignore it to default to Lloyd as the Namco rep. I never even claimed Heihachi was more likely than Geno, only that he was more likely than Lloyd. I even said in my theory that was posted there that I thought a Square rep in season 2 was extremely likely and that I could see Geno as a candidate for that position. All other times I was in that topic talking about Heihachi was when I was @ at the Geno thread observation topic at Gamefaqs by other users when someone made a wrong claim about Tekken in the Geno support thread. So I didn't even bring it up out of nowhere, but what else should I have done when someone here wrongfully claimed Tekken would be a niche series, or rarely appeared in crossovers, or that it had no Nintendo history at all? Should I let a wrong claim stay like that in the room and risk that people in the future will roll with such a false claim and pretend it would be fact? It had to do with the Geno thread becoming a general thread about Fighters Pass character selection theories and again I was tagged and informed about that when Tekken and its characters were brought up.

    After I made peace with Fatman I even also posted in the topic on a more positive note.

    "Or, we can just both enjoy that Kazuya's in Smash and hope that the last character is something to be excited about."
    I actually accept this offer too. Sounds like a good plan. I'm not a monster like you may have that certain image of me. I was just a supporter of a character from a series that did a lot for gaming but was strangely ignored and talked down for no apparent reason in Smash speculation here.

    "I hope Kazuya is everything you hoped he would be and that you can find higher points in life that this moment."
    Thanks, yes I am really happy with how he turned out and his reveal was definitely my personal high-point of FP2 so far. He outranked K. Rool, Simon, and Banjo as the Ultimate reveals I was most hyped about thus far. Terry, and Spehiroth were some other really nice surprises that weren't really on my radar until they showed up.
    Also I'm wishing you good luck for the next reveal too.
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