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    VOTE: Team Real or Team Fake on the Grinch Leak

    Given the evidence provided, and the circumstances of the leak I'm optimistic in believing that this is legitimate. I'm not one to trust leaks, AT ALL, but games HAVE been leaked before so a leak is never impossible. Most leaks are just vague unconvincing lists rambling off names in hopes that...
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    Why you chose your mains?

    I main Luigi in all Smash bros respectively as one of my earliest experiences with Nintendo was Luigi's Mansion for the GameCube. I've loved the green underdog ever since. He brings this personality to the table that Mario just simply does not. While Mario is the poster hero, fearless and brave...
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    Are you guys gonna look up how to unlock characters?

    I believe unlocking the roster will be half the fun! Being restricted to the N64 roster was an ingenious play by Sakurai as it will actively encourage players to pick up new characters in order to obtain the one's they most want to play. This will result in people discovering that they might...
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    People trusting "leaks?" WHY?

    People who are drawn in by leaks are either hungry to get their hands on info regardless of it's merit or they are so desperate for their wishes to come true they'll cling to whatever they can find as reassurance. No one is at fault, it's a highly anticipated game and the hype alone can carry...
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    Who do you think you will main in Smash Ultimate?

    K. Rool will most definitely be my main as I have rooted for the King as early as Brawl and it would be sinful to not harness his potential in what will surely be his finest hour My pockets will likely amount to my most played in Wii U: I.E. Luigi, DK, Mario, and Falco Returning cast: Snake...
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    Best ways to improve overall performance?

    I've been playing smash most of my life and I've only been investing into competitive play the last four years with Smash 4, and I'm still learning and improving. My simple advice is to have patience, your gameplay will improve with time and focus. I realize this is melee but the same essential...
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