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I'd Negæte That
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  • Guys. Wizards of the Coast, the company that makes Magic: the Gathering, just announced Ultimate Masters, a premium booster draft set featuring iconic and expensive cards from all of M:TG. It is scheduled to release DECEMBER 7- the same day as SMASH ULTIMATE. COINCIDENCE? I think so, but this correlation is eerie.
    Now that Isaac, Skull Kid, Shantae, Lip, etc. were disconfirmed, I think that Banjo and Master Chief have exponentially increased chances of being DLC.
    Finally getting into Smash again starting with 4 I have been playing master of Orion lately but the game just keeps breaking. Can't wait for Ultimate.
    I really like the Make Your Moves threads. I have found some interesting characters from other games/hobbies I love, and I was pretty stoked to see that other people on this website had ideas for, say Jace and Teferi from MTG to be fighters, even going so far as to detail their entire move sets and taunts. It feels nice to not be alone in unironically sharing this crazy pipe dream. Cheers to those who actually put them in the threads, no matter if it was from, like, 4 or so years ago.
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