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  • Send me a text. I am in Wyview, but I am more than willing to make the walk.
    Wait wait wait, you said you took the BC test? But this was your first year in Calc? How did you skip AB? HL just means the furthest you can go in a subject in high school and then testing out of it. Like I'll be HL'ing math and physics. So Calc BC and third year of Physics.

    I took Algebra 2 as a Freshman actually, than Geometry and Pre Calc my Sophomore year.

    I'm gonna be a civil engineer too! This is kind of ironic, haha.
    My bad dude, I totally thought I responded to this. Same here, the last one on the free response non calculator caught me. I didn't pay attention and thought the graph was f(x) instead of f'(x), totally messed me up. If you took BC then didn't you take Calculus as a junior too? I'm an IB student and I really wanted to HL in math so I doubled up my sophomore year. ^_^
    Oh, I'm only a junior so I was taking the AB exam. I thought it went pretty well, I'm sure I gave up points every now and then, but not enough to completely wreck my score.

    How was BC?
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