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    IMDB9: Tournament Conditions - August 10th - Madison, WI - August 10th, 2013 - Madison, WI

    Ill be driving a car from Appleton with myself, 2dos, and possibly Jamessparrow if he can make it. Looks like there is at least one jiggs going, so I'll offer the Lonejedi challenge. $5 money match best 3/5 my sheik vs any jiggs players. I have yet to drop the challenge. Get at me
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    WI Thread

    Sweet. I'm definitely down for some smash at SGDQ. Question: If I do go to the tourney, would you guys be willing to use my twitch account? I'd be able to bring a lot more viewers to the stream and help promote the tournament a bit more. I can prob get a few people from WI who watch my stream...
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    WI Thread

    Fruitloop, how willing would you be to drive to Fox Cities to play smash
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    WI Thread

    How many people still play this game in WI. Thinking about making a comeback