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  • You haven't been on the boards since Januaryyyyyyyy.
    Come back to us James!!!!!
    I could possibly play with you, although I am usually busy. I do know the people you can talk to and if you are new, and they'll be around your skill level, which will help you get better faster. I could get in contact with them if you like; they live on Science Drive (really close to UCF)

    I don't recognize your name and I usually spot out Icy players. Is JLorde your username?

    Just to make sure, I play Icys on Melee only. I have no Brawl icys.
    Sir i also play Ice Climbers. I go to UCF. I saw you at Gigabits, and i wanna know if you would like to train/spar this summer, and also help me improve my Ic's
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