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  • Hello there Hayzie SUPER HYPED FOR MEWTWO AND LUCAS RELEASE AND MORE DLC TO COME???? and what characters do you want to appear on smash 4?




    Nice avatar that you had there :D
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    Rage NF
    Rage NF
    Of course is Zero no tsukaima :D and sorry to replied you this late.
    Thanks. I was trying to see if I would watch it or not.
    Rage NF
    Rage NF
    I recommend it that series had four season I think you gonna enjoy it I love that anime so much its always made me laugh a lot every time I see it I would have liked to see more episode of that series especially an continuation of season 4 now that Louise is living in Saito house. :)
    T'was playing with another person a second ago. I meant to let you in so we could play, but he denied you. Wanna re-join?
    That's okay. Sure gimme a minute.
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