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  • Still waiting on my mail from the crappy electronics store I ordered my 100€ Bundle from. Getting pretty annoyed that they even told me that "it could be that we didn't get enough shipped units". Could be? M8, you don't know your own logistics? Isn't that all you do? Get products shipped and sell them? Shouldn't you atleast know how many you'll get and be able to subtract that from the reserved units? No? Alrighty then.
    For everyone interested in Streaming, Black friday has lots of deals on Capture cards. Got myself a snazzy deal on one, pretty stoked to start that soon!
    SmUsh seems to not just have a ton of characters but also a ton of cool, unique mechanics and kits on top of that. Simon, Incineroar and even updates to Veterans like the Monado wheel to Shulk draw me towards so many characters. I can't wait to play this 24/7 when it launches <3
    Unrelated to many things but can anyone recommend cheap alternatives to the Elgato 60s? I saw some on amazon with decent reviews but I kind of don't trust those alone. Been looking at stuff like AGPtEK USB 3.0 capture device and similar ones (~80 bucks)
    Got to play SmUsh at Gamescom. It's so fast and fluid! Was only 5 min but it just feels so good. Can't wait for it to actually launch.
    I've watched like 15 reaction videos so far and EVERYONE started dancing, singing or both when New Donk City came up. Nintendo, you've created a timeless song loved by almost everyone. I bet a few people are indifferent to it or dislike it, but man it's so cool to see everyone just be joyful about this appearing. Just so wholesome! HYPE!
    Playing random peeps on the Netplay EU PM discord made me realize my Ness isn't complete garbage. Actually took a few games off of a few people, and feeling a little humble braggy I suppose! Also still rewatchin' the 8/8 direct over and over...My hype is huge.
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