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  • Hello GhettoNinja. i saw the crew you set up and i was interested in this.i main mac and i would love to join if i can.my kik is "newlife".i need to get my freindcode at my house so i cant get it right now. please contact ,me on kik or on smashbords to talk about it.i hope i get to join your crew! thank u.
    Hello GhettoNInja i was hoping that maybe i could join The Hype Crew 101 , I play Smash Bros 3ds , Ive play all the titles In the smash series , im very experience , I wouldnt say that im the best but im good lol ( thats up to you) And i hope i can join the crew

    My Info

    Smash Name: AG_NeRd
    Friend Code: 2294-5971-5942
    NNID: None
    Main: Sonic/Mario/Luigi
    Alt: Ryu/Pac-Man/Toon LInk
    Skype: little_ricky562
    Hey its JirachiPrime I'm with ZxFlashFreezexZ down there
    I would love to help with the Hype Crew any time!
    I love smash, I've been playing for years and I've always wanted to be involved in something bigger
    Here's my info
    Name: JirachiPrime
    FC: 5112-4755-6996
    NNID: JirachiPrime
    Main: Diddy Kong or Villager
    Alts: Bowser Jr., Zero Suit Samus, Bowser, Marth
    Skype: sasha.burckhardt
    Thanks so much!
    I'll message you and FlashFreeze on Skype sometime tomorrow. Also FC stands for Friend Code like for the 3DS(I'm assuming based off your answer you interpreted it as Favorite Character)
    lol yea looks like it
    ill fix that
    It would be soooo cool for me if I could join The Hype Crew, my friend JirachiPrime is also going to apply soon. I am a very dedicated player that would be down to Smash anytime I'm open! Here's my application, thanks so much for your time!

    Name: ZxFlashFreezexZ
    FC: None (I don't have a 3DS)
    NNID: Lordofgames7
    Main: Little Mac
    Alts.: Sonic, Captain Falcon, Zero Suit Samus, Game&Watch
    Skype: seanseanseanseansean7
    sir, when I have the introductory match?
    Sorry for the slow response but like I said on the team hype page I was going through some stuff but I digress next time your on just message me and we can smash.
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