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  • Ooooh, nice! I don't know how the job market is where you are, but I've heard that for America it's been down this summer, which makes me very grateful that I was able to get a job.

    When you get back from vacation we should Brawl some. I've recently been trying to pick up Toon Link as a secondary so that I can try to beat this guy at school who's really good (comparatively, as opposed to the others at school). I would go with Ganon, but my intention is more to give him a good fight, since that's what he's been looking for.
    Yeah, I am for another two weeks or so.

    And speaking of jobs, I'm gonna have one for the rest of the summer 0:
    Ah, never mind me. It had something to do with my previous avatar ^^;
    Anyhow, how is life treating you?
    Hmm, I see. Any luck so far?
    And my Ganon has improved some, I guess. Not that I have tested him offline or anything :/
    I'm new to it, although that didn't stop me from learning Dire Dire Docks in 4 days <3
    I also learned Song of Time by ear (really short tune, but oh well :p).
    Hmm, that sure sounds boring.

    I'm not doing anything special myself, besides playin' on my spanking new keyboard.
    Two words: Frigate Orpheon. That stage renders me immune to all attacks!

    Ah, k. I have to go too, so WiFi sure picked the right time to freeze. Have fun, bro.
    Hmm, seems that I've underestimated my school. It looks like I have to update my thread during weekends, lol.

    And I've done progress with my choke testing. It seems to work on almost all characters with precise timing. Still, who knows how CPUs DI? Lolol.
    Oh lol, I see. Speaking of Ganoncide; I'm gonna go and try it on some Level 9 CPUs. Surely they can't be ******** enough to DI DOWN INTO THE PITS OF HELL!
    I test and do the write-up on the same day, which takes around 2-3 hours in total. It's very tiresome, but atleast I might contribute with something.
    After one hour of tedious writing, I've finally made my KO % thread. *hands explode*
    I dearly think my discovery still has the potential to become a full-fledged AT, and I would appreciate any help, Burg :ganondorf:
    Hey, be sure to contact me if you have time to play someday!

    ...or else you will DIE!
    Heh, I'm still in High School. Too many old teachers that are butthurt about the new generation. Languages aren't too bad for me, since I'm learning my fourth one.

    And it seemed that the CPU I tested it on DI'd down, rendering my "AT" inconclusive. Have yet to test it on a human player offline.
    When I've tested it on every character. So far, it seems it only works on slightly bigger characters like Snake and Link, for example.
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