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  • Lol u call bs? u called bs on my link one and it was true.

    Next time I am on kaillera I will show u. Its rly hard tho, has to be like perfectly done.
    yeah thats what I just did. I was like...this doesnt seem to work the eggs wont go through the wall LOL. I stood on that moving platform for 3 min and just chucked eggs at that little crevice
    Woah yoshi was tricky. Took me a bit to realize I had to get both targets while falling. Rly cool strategy!
    pull out bomb double jump upb to the right (onto that slant) have the bomb go off. Mash DI into the slope continously and then when falling off upb.

    I got that within 3 minutes ahahaha
    the old one was boss because my name title was blue. It looked hella weird with the pink one, I need to find something good that matches the pink
    They abolished the user group for a little while. IDK either. Some things they are changing with the site
    Yo sry about tonight. My parents dont allow me to play smash on the weekdays unless I have nothing due in the near future. Since my senior project is this sunday, I have been very busy doing that/debating. I will probably be on Friday night and definitely the weekend after this one. Cant wait to c ur NEW AND IMPROVED YOSHI
    From now on try to post your VMs on my page, so I get the notification.


    thats mafia. There is a section on these boards where we can play mafia with other members and for the game to start we need 2 more ppl ^.^

    message me if interested, its really fun
    mafia? only vaguely recognize the name, something about getting in a circle and someone killing someone i dont know...

    tearing at other people's arguements is funnn... you may notice i never actually said what i thought
    wtf dude your not supposed to attack me and my arguments, what gives D:

    JK. Good post, I will be responding shortly, I have to go eat dinner. As a side note, do you like the game mafia?
    yay you got in :3 I hope to see you post something in the proving grounds whenever you have a chance. You dont have to make a new topic, but just drop in on an already existent convo. and make a claim and argue it. A good place to start may be the thread I created about the college application. Since no-one has made the first rebuttal yet, you can state your opinions there w/o getting harassed that badly if you do something silly :D

    if you dont link that topic, you can answer whatever you like in the proving grounds. When you make the post whenever, try to read at least 10-20 posts before the one you post to see if your points have already been stated. If they have just quote them and say why you agree with them for whatever reasin. Good luck and happy debating :)
    Go to the top left of the screen and hover over the "boards" icon.
    Then click the "User CP" thing below it. From there, go to the "Group Memberships" tag

    click the bubble for temp debaters and apply. Just say something like "I am interested in debating, and want to improve my skills in the proving grounds" and they will let you in ASAP.

    I am currently at that stage. Join me in posting in the proving grounds when you feel ready to contribute anything and we can debate :)

    later on if we get good we just have to apply for smash debaters. Just a suggestion for you. I find debating in that section quite fun tbh, something intellectual to do after seeing gav's lol posts on the smash64 section
    lol ok ill check it out

    EDIT: do i need a certain number of posts for that? I see the join social groups thingy but i search Temp Debater and variants on that and it doesnt come up...

    you should totally apply for the temp debaters thing in your user CP. You get in no matter what, and then you can debate stuff with us in the proving ground. Its actually really fun in there :)

    Also if you eventually get good enough you can get smash debater. Me ballin4life and cheeseball are the only 64 players who are participating so far. You should come learn how to debate/develop debate skills :)
    Well I looked at your profile when you had 55 posts and it would not let me....so that means somewhere inbetween 55-59....what a random number

    IM AT SCHOOL SILLY. Just checkin swf inbetween classes on mai laptop.
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