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  • sure i'll subscribe to yours :) tonight at 9pm my time will usually work (i think you're 2 hrs ahead of me? i'm mountain time). but i might be able to play even earlier...

    ps. if you want...I can send you video files of our games, and you can put them up on your youtube account also?
    sorry...I have to get some work finished and stuff...we'll have to play later (probably this afternoon or tonight sometime)
    can't wait! and thanks for subscribing to my youtube thingy lol :)
    thanks a lot for the advice! I guess you have a lot more experience than I do with your IC's lol...I made all those threads on the IC boards just a little over a month ago, but I actually only started them 3 weeks ago...so yes, I definitely need some work still. maybe I'll try not to chaingrab as much against my brother...that should help me practice for when I play online (since I can't chaingrab anything online)

    I've been using ZSS since the game came out, so that's why she's a lot better...(she also does better online)

    we definitely gotta play again...I can learn from your IC's; and there was not too much lag :) just show up on Ice Climber chat every now and then, and maybe we'll get lucky and be online at the same time...
    oh! that was you i was playing??!! lol...i was wondering (since your name didn't say frozen or popo or anything)...sorry i didn't let you join for a while. I was playing my friend stealth.... i don't usually use my IC's online, but there was barely any lag, so i couldn't resist :) what would you say about my fairly new and fresh IC's? what should i work on? cause your IC's are a bit better...*although i wasn't at the top of my game tonight for some reason*...but ya, I have to admit your IC's were still better than mine...how long have you been using them?

    and btw, i will hate jungle japes for the rest of my life lol -_- anyways, ggs. i wasn't playing my best tonight...so we'll have to play again sometime...my ZSS wasn't that great tonight (even though you may have thought she was lol) :(
    Done! The stickies are lookin' a little crowded now. Are there any that are now old, and useless?
    Thanks, you too. :)

    Just use other moves and they're good, and yet, IC dittos ruins each others ICs...

    Their n-air and u-air are good! 0.0
    .... You don't like Halberd stage? I chose it because... of the epic themes but I just had a habit of choosing it.

    Oh well, I was about to choose Smashville after I chose Dedede, then suddenly it was Skyworld. :/

    BTW this is... the 3rd reply, since you haven't replied yet. :p
    Hhm, okay, I think you've added me since I see your online right now as "Choro" since I realized your comment said a quote from your sig...

    BTW, if I disconnect, it means... my mom is... using her laptop. It's because LAN's taking too much connection from the laptop to the computer and especially Wi-Fi since USB's plugged in the CPU... I'm reminding this to the people so they won't get mad or anything... from disconnecting.

    But.. my mom isn't home yet, and she'll be home at... like, any time around late 7 or 8 PM.
    alright I created a room...I'll assume that you got busy with something if you don't join in 5 mins...
    Hey, want to Brawl? Because I have no one to play right now, and if you accepted this then I'll add you. xP Plus if you have time right now then that's fine. :DD

    Oh.... I posted on the Brawl IC Finder. :|
    ok...but I can't promise you that I'll be able to make it...weekends are pretty busy for me. :( but I'll try my best. :) and I think I can only play for 20 mins max because my parents don't let me play longer than that on weekends. but it should still be fun...I'll use zss. and I'm assuming you've added me?
    nah, I can't get on now...sorry lol...I'm doing some work. I might be able to play sometime this afternoon...maybe 3 pm (my time)/5 pm (your time)

    I'm not sure yet...I'll try to just go on my wii at 3pm (my time)
    hey, we should play sometime this weekend...not dittos---cause I still have to work on my IC's. We should figure out the timezone difference between you and me so that it is easier to discuss playing times. so to do that: If you adjusted your clock properly on smashboards, then I should be able to figure it out. Here's how it works:

    Tell me what the time at the top right hand corner of this message says...It says 9:34 am for me.

    once you tell me, I can subtract the difference and we can set up a time or something more easily
    we can probably brawl sometime this week....but not this weekend (I'm kinda busy). I won't use IC's because I not too great with them yet...but I'll use ZSS instead ;)
    let's just be patient for our threads to be stickied...If they aren't in like 1 month, I'll ask a "cooler" mod like Mic_128 to sticky it lol. maybe we have to wait for our threads to be more active before the mods decide to sticky them...i dunno. It's so hard to find anything in the IC boards :(
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