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  • Awesome. If it is ever convenient on a Saturday, chances are I could throw something together. If you can remember to, either send me an email at marshallmackoff@hotmail.com or just give me a call on my cell: 604.928.603

    Hey Marshall. I'd definitely want to smash with you guys. Only problem is my schedule is pretty tight right now and I don't actually live close to UBC. If it's on Friday night I'll probably be able to make it as I'll be at school anyway. Saturday or Sunday = much lower chance. Either way, lemme know what you have planned.

    Howdy Gary, its Marshall aka Supertramp. I remember you saying that you go to UBC, and therefore you probably live quite close to UBC. I was wondering if you might want to smash some upcoming weekend with myself and smasher friends of mine. They are all better than me so im sure you wont be bored.
    Give me a message.
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