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  • Dr.Mario is so controlling Sometimes I feel like I should co-main Lucas and Dr.mario instead of Lucas and king-dedede
    I just beat Mr.Generator in mother 3.While dying!AND ENDED IT WITH 16 HEALTH LEFT AS KUMATORA.

    Most stressful moment in the game so far.
    I'm still loving mother 3

    I'm at duster's part had to grind super hard for flint so far it's super fun (:

    Can't wait to play as lucas
    So mother 3 is a amazing game that i love a lot and i'm playing it now and it's amazing.

    I wish they make a HD or 3D re-master for the 3ds and switch and put it on the WII U it's just so good so far everyone should be able to enjoy it
    So I'm playing mother 3 right now:)

    I'll finally be able to call my self a Lucas main after i finish this

    Playing it on VBA (EMU) using fan translation
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