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Recent content by EatLivers

  1. EatLivers

    I doubt this is new but I just found out delayed falling nair combos into f smash and tilts from 0-100+ percent!

    As title implies, it won't combo if you get the second hit of nair. Is this universal for all sword characters? Or just Lucina?
  2. EatLivers

    Oof I wasn't on here in so long. Yeah, I'll play. Can you be on tomorrow?

    Oof I wasn't on here in so long. Yeah, I'll play. Can you be on tomorrow?
  3. EatLivers

    High Tier King?

    In my opinion either Bowser or Ganon is the best super-heavy in Ultimate. I'd say Bowser is an anti to a lot of the lighter characters on the roster, as he can KO at very low percents and survive attacks above 150. Not to mention his Tough Guy ability that enables him to override jabs and weak...
  4. EatLivers

    Steve Gets Crafty in the Latest Challenger Approaching

    I don't care how bad Steve might be I'm going to main him and castrate people in tourneys.
  5. EatLivers

    Smash N' Splash 5 was FREAKING AMAZING!

    Discussion thread.
  6. EatLivers

    Thoughts on who's better?

    I also think Roy is better against heavier characters because his reflect multiplies the damage instead of just reflecting it back 1x damage. His reflect is like 1.5x. Chrom can get edge guarded really easily by Joker and other characters with projectiles because his recovery is so linear.
  7. EatLivers

    Thoughts on who's better?

    I've been practicing Chrom for a bit and he seems overall better than Roy. I think Chrom is better against shorter characters because he isn't a tipper unlike Roy. I've been fooling around with Chrom in training mode and discovered that there are many different ways to recover with him. His...
  8. EatLivers

    Best Superheavy Weight?

    Oh. I'm not too sure.
  9. EatLivers

    Best Superheavy Weight?

    Definitely Bowser or Ganondorf.
  10. EatLivers

    Thoughts on who's better?

    I just tried out Chrom. He's really fun to use as well. I think he's a good counter pick to Wolf than using Roy. I'm going to use Chrom as my secondary. I haven't tested it yet but does Chrom have more range?
  11. EatLivers

    Thoughts on who's better?

    The changes as far as I know between Roy and Chrom are the following: 1. Damage distribution 2. Recovery As for the title, I feel like Roy's the better character. He can go further out for edge guards because of his varying recovery. (Diagonal & verticle.) And I believe has a higher damage...
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