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  • It's going pretty good. Still having some issues with nervousity in tournament (never had it as much as against Kunai though, that stuff was literally suffocating), but I've been doing fine overall.
    Gonna brawl with THE mr r in 30 minutes, getting hyped for it! :3

    Add me on msn:
    or skype:
    or aim
    He doesn't apply everything in a match, the most used is bomb > footstool > nair > jablock, and the first time he does it he always catches his opponent with it, it's really funny :D

    I like my social groups too, being bored is ftw

    Best link in germany, you rock man.

    I'd love to see your growth next time, just keep going! I'll pass you a friend request =)
    Awesome Link :D next time I'm going to put my ROB in and see if it goes better.

    Or I'll just learn the matchup with Marf :p

    You're the **** man, keep it up.
    If you convert to Tink I'm going to laugh, it was out of nowhere
    (I had no idea I had such power) It would be awesome if you did convert, but Mastering Tink is hard, can you take the challenge?
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