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  • I got my Smash Switch Bundle earlier and I gotta say this all makes me super hype for Ultimate. ... I am gonna need to get some controllers and other games tho hehehe.
    Since E3, the whole phrase, "We made the impossible, possible" keeps ringing in my head. If this leak stuff is true...HOOOOO BOY that statement couldn't ring any louder. If not. Still did a damn good job with the roster so far.
    *notices that some people here are updating their profile pictures to be more Halloween themed*
    *looks at their own profile picture* Guess I'm already good. Hurray for already being spooky!
    Well everyone. Soon we shall get more info! I am super hype for this Direct. (I haven't got a switch yet, so I'll love to see what is to come) Unfortunately I am not gonna stick around after this post. Don't want to run into any potential leaks/spoilers now! I shall be lurking around later tho >:^)
    Ah! I have been watching Chugga's Kid Icarus Uprising playthrough since i never had the chance to play it. Can Hades seriously make some sort of appearance in Smash Ultimate? Whether it be a boss, Palutena's Guidance dialog, or playable character. His personality is soooo good!
    I know the Mario Bros. are plumbers and all...but they surely can't patch all these """leaks""".

    Really tho, this is getting ridiculous. Youtube keeps giving me all these clickbaity people wanting to talk about OMG DIRECT LEAKS!? since I probably watched a lot of Smash Ultimate battle content and a select few speculation channels. Truly annoying.
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