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  • Wassup, I'm just new to this site thinking I would find sum good players cause most of the people I fight I win against them. T~T So If u wanna brawl just visit my profile and exchange friend codes.^V^
    Yeah, you can follow up with another grab if they get predictable. Like if they try to airdodge after the grab (which people like to do) then you can sometimes just run up and grab again.
    Not much to it. Just jab, wait a sec, then Dsmash. It's not really a combo, but it's so quick that most people don't react in time to stop it. Mix it up with jab -> dashgrab if they start predicting it and shielding.

    Some people may tell you to jab, then hold down or something. I've never done that, but it could probably work better. Doing what I've said has always worked for me though.
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