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  • Hey bro, are you going to genesis? How come you don't post in the Peach boards? You sure would be a good edition!
    Omg yes! It's annoying. Many people say: Peach can't kill, she's lightweight and her turnips are bad because you can catch them. It's just stupid. Her killing problems are overexaggerated. They are honestly not that bad. Maybe a little below average, but she has a lot to make up for that. She's a floaty lightweight but that's what makes her good at SDI and DI and it's very hard to combo/chaingrab her. And about the turnips... I'm not even going to start on that. They are extremely good.'

    So yeah. Peach4Upper. I'll do my best to do the same for Europe. We don't have a tier list, but I can help her in the Tourney Results and for her reputation.
    I wish you the best of luck with repping Peach. Peach should indeed be Upper. The Americans are just too stubborn >_<

    Your Peach is REALLY good btw. Watched some of your videos, I was very impressed.
    Hey man, I watched a ton of your videos, and you are really good! How did you get so good w/ Peach? How do you predict & adapt to your opponents? Are you or the rest of Brazil going to Pound 4?
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