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DJ Napps
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  • You're wrong, someone did see :laugh:

    I was unable to post since the thread was closed, so I will express my hate here, although I doubt anyone will every see this....

    Three words....W-T-F.
    **** *** ***** **** ******* ***** mother****er.... is how I feel inside, however I WILL NOT let Bomberman's legacy die. He may not be in Brawl, but dammit he'll be in SOME SSB game, it is simply a matter of time. Mark my words, I WILL be able to send Mario Mario flying off a stage by a fiery explosion laid by the White Bomber soon, and when I do, I shall smile from ear to ear, knowing that my dreams have come true, and I may die in peace.

    If Sakurai is as wise as the world hopes he is, he will somehow squeeze Bomberman in the American version of Brawl, or die tryin.

    I am Deeply saddened by the tragic news, however, there is always SSB4. And when that comes out, you will see me on these boards again, optomistic as ever. But until then, Farewell....
    Iight new thread! Much better than the last.
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