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Dead Sexy Captain Falcon

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  • lol i wouldnt fight some1 over somethin stupid lol.... but yea i guess u can hit me up on aim so u can let me kno how 2 get the fone 2 u when u come or w.e
    my sn is spikeingking64 =]
    aight and yea i wouldnt say it to ur face u would kick my *** i might go to web2zone next week

    if not im at the last stop on the train to portwashington
    oh and can u edit the post about blackanese, i dont want people to think about him the wrong way, thats my best friend and its really not like him.... mayb we could work a way out 4 u to get it back this week cus we live in nyc >_<
    wow deffntately no need to talk tough, mostly cus its online lol, im pretty sure u wouldnt be talkin like that to my face lol, not many people would xD but yea imma find out if he does have the fone, and to like give it back or w.e =]
    well luigi isnt low tier, get it rite.... and if he was to return the fone, would everything be ok.... like he really isnt that type of guy to steal
    stole ur fone? thats news to me. ya deffinately didnt **** us, quit life
    hey i seen your version pollyanna for earthbound and was wondering if i could possibly get the file id be very thankful ill leave my aim for you if you happen to have it

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