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  • We are only allowed to start threads when we have progress done I believe. I think we would have to have some progress started before hand.
    We can either:

    Learn as we go


    Get someone to help us. Starwaffle comes to mind but he's awfully busy with all those projects.

    Either way it'll take a good deal of time.
    It would be. It'd be great if you could tell me what programs I need. I'm not really sure.
    I have plenty of free time and so I figured that if I began to learn how to PSA hack I could lend a hand when needed. I didn't have a project in mind but if I had to say I would maybe make a Pokemon PSA perhaps.

    Dark Samus you say? I'd have to learn but I would be honored to attempt to make Dark Samus with you.
    Yep. I also made custom icons for my files.

    That shows you the power of sheer boredom.
    I just unzipped them. I noticed you saturated Bowser entirely, including his cuffs on which the spikes stand on. It'd look better if you'd go and change it to maybe a dull white or a brighter white with cracks on it (brushes really help us texturers)

    I also saw Spy Suit Samus has some noticable pixeling near the vizor. The blur function in photoshop helps out a lot when that happens. Just don't blur it at 100% strength. Go with around 40% to 50%
    Sure thing. Just give me a link and I'll look at 'em.

    I have a thread over at Kitty Corp of past stuff. My Shoppe

    I mostly do simple recolors like this one I'm doing now:

    I said I was going to do it but I keep winding up making textures whenever I open up photoshop.
    Yeah. I hear there's a contest to make a flyer for a smash tournament and the prize is 1 years free premium membership.
    1. You can't unless you buy premium. Sad but that's the only way. Either that or tell a mod you're making another account and tell him to transfer the threads you've made to the new account. Your post count will be zero again though.

    2. It's called a custom title. You can only get it by:
    a) Winning a contest like the ones in the Artwork Emporium or Creative Minds subforum or becoming a director (like my blue name) or smash developer.

    b) Getting premium.

    That's why you see people with green names with the title "Smash Banana" or something crazy like that.
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