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  • Yo zeppo, sorry i never replied to the comment i havent been active for a while, i was just waiting to move to edinburgh before i got back into the community sort of thing. as it happens i am in edinburgh now so maybe we can figure something out on the scotish smash thread or on msn if ur on :p
    Aww what... gutted (3 YEARS?!) >.< Guess Im a bit late xD Are you in Glasgow man? Im getting replies from you at around 3.00am lol.

    Im trying to get Brawl+ (or well textures) but Blockbusters are't renting them out yet and its still like £29.99 at GAME stores :urg: ...Bargain Pre-Owned hunting on the way!

    I'll pm the rest.
    Sounds awesome! I wouldn't mind trying out Melee, just dunno about all these insane techs lol >.< Recent tournament? In Scotland?
    Nah man, have you? Is it really like "Fast-Paced Melee Style"? I heard its disliked in the Sonic Boards and messes your vBrawl playstyle so I havn't went near that Brawl+ yet. I might just try and just get hacked textures if I know how to do it >.> lol

    Are most people still into Melee atm?
    Hey Cpt Zeppo, good to talk to ye!

    Thats sounds awesome man, Im like usually the only Scottish/Asian guy in the New New Members Fight Arena >.> it be great to brawl you (online or offline?) and others. I just hope Im up to standards haha xD

    Couldn't pm this to you cos apparently your pm inbox is full lol.
    oh thats good to hear lolol

    yeah i gave my friend my copy of brawl for a while thats why ive not bothered with this much but il get it back and see about some matches and stuff :D
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