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  • Don't know if I'm considered a well known user here or not and if people would care, but I've been doing some thinking and have decided I probably should just take a long break from this website and smash speculation in general. I just realized I'm sitting in a library and haven't worked on a single assignment. Just constantly refreshing forums for a smash update. It's unhealthy. I think spend more time online talking about the game than playing it lol. I've got other commitments and this could potentially be a distraction. Not gonna quit playing though, I love the game, but should probably chill from talking about it so much. Also, I'm getting sick of the preaching to the choir and "DAE" stuff that happens a lot. Also feel like people need to chill on hating on those who voice their displeasure with direction of the fighter pass. There is merit to Terry/SNK, but there are legitimate criticisms to his inclusion too. Also we all take it too seriously, lol. At the end of the day it's a game.

    But overall it's been fun but I need to prioritize my time better. I may be back to make a post or two but I know if I show up once I'll show up again and then waste hours on reddit and smashboards. I'll definitely be back when fighter #5 is out or gets actually leaked.

    Take care everyone, remember to shower every day :P.
    Hey man, I don't know if you remember me or not, but I was very prominent member of the Snake thread during Smash 4. We use to have discussions about Snake all the time. I hope your doing well!
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