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    Toasted Ravs 4 Results [Incomplete]

    ya so i guess ill do some hugely delayed shout outs. GGs mattr, Hylian, shinobi, atma and everybody else I played, awesome tourny. thanks to kendall for the awesome decals. If anybody has my melee doubles match thats recorded with pikachu it would be awesome if u could get it uploaded
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    Q&A Ask Mango Falcon Questions =D and other things

    Against marth i approach very rarely. If u know hes going to throw out an Utilt or if hes going to Dtilt outside ur range as bate u might be able to get in with a knee or grab if ur fast. (dair too for the Dtilt) Generally speaking though I stay away and wait for his approach which can be beaten...
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    Social C. Falcon Social

    Against peach u should work on ur ability to jog back and forth and be happy about doing that, extra points if u get off on the stage and screw around on platforms or taunt if u can get away with it. This makes peach want to stop the fun by doing 1 of 2 things: pulling turnips or approaching u...
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    Q&A Ask Mango Falcon Questions =D and other things

    falcons best options if u made the mistake of shielding when ur opponent wanted u to is patience and mix-ups. use light shield and shield di to get urself into the proper spacing for whatever it is u want to do. Other then the options already mentioned full hopping is a decent option and using...
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    SMYM 14

    lol i have some suspicions about my name. GGs everybody that I played, had fun hangin too. wish I couldve played more of my MMs and more in general. Thanks ripple for toin. wouldve liked to play some. ggs orly deff goin ness in PM now ggs matt and good **** on dem dittos ggs black...
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