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  • I know.

    But Springfield is still going to fall to WINONA LAKE

    Because there are so many players in Winona Lake.

    Like me...

    and me...

    I don't think I've ever played you, unless maybe you played ook and I in doubles at Lucario is Pawsome? I think that was you. At the time I didn't know you were good, but you got what, 4th at C4 Galore? I know I shouldn't underestimate you then when we MM :p

    And if you ever remember being Donkey Punched by a Kirby in doubles on Battlefield, when his DK partner and your partner were both gone, then yeah that was you lol XD

    That moment was pretty epic for me. Who kills Meta Knights with a DK Kirby Paunch?
    My [week old] ZSS' epic loss to your MK in a friendly pushed me to study the match-up. Hopefully I can play you again on the 31st? I'll see you in Springfield.
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