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  • Yes, I'm running Pokemon at Apex with Doom and Chaos Marth help me.

    I know PokeMoshPit and have attended one of their tournaments before. While they certainly can help bring attendance, unfortunately I have to say that I am really disappointed in how they run their brackets and events. I can go on for a while in why, but I do not think their ideas for how they run brackets is good, and their decisions in actually running the event is poor.

    I'll be able to handle it fine, I'm a top TO in Smash, and together with Chaos Marth and Doom we'll be able to run it fine.
    Training session would be GREAT. Tom and I are probably going to play all night tomorrow and as often as possible. I'd like to carpool but i'm not sure if we can. We're gonna try to bring tv's and such but if we can clean out tom's trunk (It's full of clothes and stuff from S.C. because he doesn't have an apartment and kinda just stays wherever lol) I'd be fine with that. We're staying at shonic's too so it'd definitely be convenient for us to ride with you/you ride with us. Hit me up when you wanna play though. My # is 218-8928 if i don't respond on here :)
    Possible carpool to POE? There's a kid from FL wanting to go that'll be in Harrisburg too. You guys should pick him up.

    Also some training sessions would be cool. I have an apartment in Carbondale for the summer.
    we did play in the doubles round but not in singles. Me and my buddy caleb played you in the next to final round if i remember correctly
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